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ON-npc-Fildgor Orcthane.jpg
Fildgor Orcthane, as he appeared in 2E 582
Race Nord Gender Male
Born 2E 546
Died 2E 582 or Unknown
Sovngarde or Unknown
Resided in Skyrim
Appears in ESO

Fildgor Orcthane, formerly known as Fildgor Strong-Prince, was a Nord prince born to Queen Mabjaarn Flame-Hair of Eastern Skyrim.[1] He was the twin brother of Jorunn the Skald-Prince, and Princess Nurnhilde was their elder sister.[2]


Origins of the Stormfist BrigadeEdit

Some time before the Second Akaviri Invasion of 2E 572, Fildgor made a pilgrimage from Eastmarch to the west to see the land and people, befriending members of the Stormfist clan in the tundra of Whiterun Hold along the way.[1] When he was to perform his coming-of-age trials, the clan members joined him and formed the Stormfist Brigade, with Fildgor as their de facto leader, despite not being a clan member by birth. The Brigade became renowned for its legendary adventures, slaying monsters and bandits, and looting treasures.[1] Eorim, a woman from the Stormfist clan, became his lover and joined the Brigade. Despite initial protests from fellow clan members that she was still young, Fildgor accepted her as an equal, thereby increasing the Brigade to thirteen fighters.[3]

Second Akaviri InvasionEdit

During the Second Akaviri Invasion (2E 572), Fildgor led the Stormfist Brigade as they fought their way to Windhelm and joined forces with Mabjaarn and Nurnhilde's army. Mabjaarn and Nurnhilde were slain during the battle, leaving the throne to the twin-brothers Fildgor and Jorunn. Fildgor claimed the throne first, though Jorunn challenged his claim as he did not believe that Fildgor would be a good king. To stave off a war of succession, the two fought in single combat and Fildgor lost, resulting in his exile by Jorunn.[2][4]


He was rumored to have fled to Daggerfall Covenant territory.[2] Other sources describe how he led the Stormfist Brigade back to the tundras of Whiterun Hold.[1] Finally, Eorim wrote that Fildgor '[built] an army out of thin air and [rallied] the Orcs of the far reaches', and then returned to hide in the caves of Eastmarch some time before or in 2E 582 to prepare for another attempt to take the throne of Eastern Skyrim from his brother Jorunn.[3]

Attempted UsurpationEdit

To reclaim the throne from Jorunn, he and his supporters rallied an army of Orcs. He took on the name Fildgor Orcthane.[3] In 2E 582, he returned to Skyrim and attempted to overthrow his brother. He orchestrated an assassination attempt and had members of his Stormfist Clan enter the Konunleikar games.[5] Through cheating, they managed to make it to the final event, a fight in Windhelm's Hall of Trials which was attended by King Jorunn himself. A Stormfist Clan member, Leimaer the Raven, won the competition by poisoning her opponents. When King Jorunn was about to congratulate her for her victory, she announced Fildgor's return and attacked him. The King's life was saved by the King's Arrow, who attended the event after having uncovered the Stormfists' plot.[6][7][8]

After failed assassination attempt Fildgor's forces attacked Fort Morvunskar a place of rest of his sister Queen Nurnhilde, who was buried there with the Crown of Freydis after her death in 2E 572. They stormed the fort in order to steal Nurnhilde's corpse and the Crown. Morvunskar was quickly taken back by Jorunn the Skald-King's forces, but Fildgor escaped with his gruesome prize. He stole Crown of Freydis from his sister's tomb in order to ensure his legitimacy.[9][10][11]

Soon after the failed assassination, King Jorunn planned to gather the Ebonheart Pact again at Fort Amol, to discuss the future of the alliance, as well as, solidify their bond. Fildgor and attempted to foil the meeting. King's Arrow investigated the Stormfist Clan in Fort Amol, as well as, attended to the Pact delegates.[12][13] King's Arrow together with Naryu Virian, a Dunmer agent uncovered the Stormfist's plot to assassinate the King with Daedric poisoning. Although the Stormfist agents were dealt with, King was poisoned. The meeting in Fort Amol was interrupted, and High King Jorunn would be taken to the Ternion Monks of Mistwatch who managed to cure him.[14]

Fildgor planned to fuse his soul with that of his dead sister Queen Nurnhilde, so that the Crown of Freydis would legitimize his right to rule. To do this, he brought both the Crown and his sister's corpse to Skuldafn, and used his royal blood to enter Sovngarde unhindered. His allies, the Stormfist Clan and the Orc tribes, fortified Skuldafn in preparation for Jorunn's attack.[15][16][17] Fildgor entered Sovngarde through Skuldafn to steal Nurnhilde's essence and convince the Crown of Freydis to accept him.[18] He was defeated in Sovngarde by the King's Arrow. It is unknown whether he was killed by his brother for treason there and claimed by the Molag Bal to be tormented in Heart's Grief in Coldharbour or spared and imprisoned.[18][19]

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