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Captain Arabelle Davaux
ON-npc-Lady Arabelle.jpg
Captain Arabelle Davaux
Race Breton Gender Female
Born 2E 527
Resided in Wayrest
High Isle
Appears in ESO

Arabelle Davaux of House Davaux was a captain of Lion Guard and a member of High Rock's intelligence branch Ring of Daggers. She was also a member of a humanitarian organization Society of the Steadfast and worked to ensure peace talks between representatives of the three alliances during Three Banners War.[1] According to some chroniclers she was the author of Investigator Vale detective novels or an inspiration for the main heroine of the books that were believed to be "true-to-life" re-imaginings of actual historical events.[2][3] Arabelle officially denied any connection with Investigator Vale novels,[4] though she did in fact author them.[5]


Early LifeEdit

Little is known of Arabelle Davaux's youth. She was born into a noble household in Wayrest in 2E 527. Since her youngest years, she received the best education High Rock had to offer.[4][2]


When Arabelle was fifteen years old, in 2E 542 she left her home and joined a mercenary group that helped defend High Rock from the Durcorach's invasion of High Rock. She partook in numerous battles across the Tamriel and was eventually recruited into the Lion Guard. Among her achievements was saving the inhabitants of Kerbol's Hollow from numerous trolls singlehandedly and protecting Camlorn from the threat of harpies. She climbed the ranks and by 2E 560 earned the rank of captain and commanded a premier squad of the Lion Guard. She served as King Emeric's personal bodyguard for a year and was later recruited into Ring of Daggers as one of its first members soon after the formation of the organization.[4][2]


As a representative of the Society of the SteadfastEdit

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