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Prince Irnskar
ON-npc-Prince Irnskar 02.jpg
Prince Irnskar
Race Nord Gender Male
Born 2nd Era
Resided in Palace of Kings, Windhelm
Appears in ESO, Legends
"From this day forward we clash mugs instead of swords! Peace and prosperity to all our kingdoms! Cheers to the heroes of Skyrim!" —Irnskar[1]

Prince of Windhelm[2] Irnskar was the heir of Jorunn the Skald-King.[3] During the Three Banners War, he proved to be a loyal supporter of his father by participating in various conflicts such as the one against his uncle Fildgor the Orcthane,[4] and contributing to the process of reconciliation of Western and Eastern Skyrim.[5] He also played a role in negotiating the peace treaty between the Nords and the Reachfolk,[1] and participated in peace talks among the representatives of the three alliances on the High Isle as the representative of the Ebonheart Pact.[6][7]


Early LifeEdit

Palace of Kings, Irnskar's home

The exact date of Irnskar's birth is unknown, but it happened at some point during Jorunn's youth.[8] Irnskar's birthdate can be approximated between the year of his father's birth, 2E 546, and the Three Banners War that took place in 2E 582, by which time he was already an adult. The identity of his mother was also unclear.[4][9]

At some point during his childhood, Irnskar met Princess Svana of Kingdom of Western Skyrim during a diplomatic meeting between Jorunn and Svargrim, Irnskar's and Svana's parents, shortly after Jorunn's coronation as king.[5] Irnskar's past involved a life of luxury and privilege as a prince. He had his room in the Palace of Kings, a personal chef, and access to a storehouse full of Voljar's mead.[3]

Irnskar's relationship with Jorunn was primarily characterized by Jorunn's role as a mentor and teacher, despite Irnskar's desire for a more conventional father-son dynamics.[3] He had experiences typical of a noble youth, including hunting, fighting, and lessons. He was also exposed to the harsh natural environment of his homeland, allegedly bathing in frigid waterfalls and even wrestling with wolves for sport.[6] Despite his combat training, he had not yet proven himself in an actual battle as of then.[3]

Orcthane's ReturnEdit

Prince Irnskar (Legends)

During the Three Banners War in 2E 582, Jorunn's exiled brother Fildgor the Orcthane returned and attempted to take over the kingdom of Skyrim. During the conflict with Fildgor, Irnskar aided his father in his conflict against Fildgor's troops, as a part of the vanguard.[4][10] Irnskar was known for his wariness towards the Argonian and Dunmeri allies, and his actions caused harm to the integrity of the Pact.[11][12][13] After the Ebonheart Pact's victory at Morvunskar,[4][14][15] King Jorunn made plans to gather the alliance at Fort Amol to discuss their future and strengthen their bond.[16] However, Fildgor attempted to disrupt the meeting and sent Stormfist agents to cause chaos.[17] Despite dealing with the agents, King Jorunn was poisoned. The meeting was cut short, and Jorunn was taken to the Ternion Monks of Mistwatch, where he received a cure for the poison.[18] The aid of foreign allies, such as Dunmeri agent Naryu Virian and Argonian healer Stormy-Eyes, was crucial in saving king's life.[19][20][21]

Irnskar's experience during Jorunn's poisoning and recovery led him to reassess his opinion of his Argonian and Dunmeri allies.[22] He sought to make amends with foreign officials, such as General Yeveth Noramil of the Dunmer and Argonian leader Eyes-of-Steel. With Irnskar's support, King's Arrow helped both Dunmer and Argonian officials. For the Dunmer, King's Arrow assisted with recharging the enchantment of their weapons, while for the Argonian, King's Arrow eliminated the Stormfist Commander, Hald Bitterblade.[23][24] Soon after, Irnskar personally met with the officials, intending to show them the respect they deserved and work towards strengthening their alliance.[4][25] Additionally, he requested the King's Arrow to ensure the presence of the thanes of Eastmarch during the war council, which King Jorunn called after his recovery. King's Arrow extended an invitation to three thanes, namely Thane Harvald,[22] Thane Oda Wolf-Sister,[26][27] and Thane Jeggi Gap-Tooth.[28] Ultimately, the war council was successfully convened.[4][29][30]

Irnskar continued to support his father in the conflict against Fildgor. Ultimately, Jorunn's forces emerged victorious, but it is unknown whether Fildgor was killed or spared. With the conflict over, the Great Moot was finally convened.[4][31] His father, King Jorunn, requested King's Arrow to inform Irnskar about the outcome of the final confrontation.[32]

Gray Host Incursion in Western Skyrim and the ReachEdit

Arrival of Eastern Skyrim delegation
The moot during which the peace between Reachfolk and Nords of Eastern and Western Skyrim was signed

The prince was involved in the politics of the kingdom and worked closely with its agents. He sent a report to one of the king's agents, Brondold, expressing his concern about the threat posed by the Icereach Coven, especially after the attempted assassination of his father,[2][33] and emphasized the need for urgent action. He also informed Brondold that Lyris Titanborn would be meeting him in Solitude soon.[2] Brondold was a diligent and skilled agent who was loyal to the kingdom.[34][35][36] Unfortunately, the agent met his end during the investigation.[37] Despite this setback, the Gray Host machinations were ultimately stopped, thanks to King's Arrow, Lyris Titanborn, Princess Svana, House Ravenwatch, Wayward Guardians and their allies.[38][39]

Following the defeat of the Gray Host in the Kingdom of Western Skyrim and the deposition of the treacherous king Svargrim, prince Irnskar traveled to Solitude, together with his father to offer aid in rebuilding the area after the onslaught of the vampiric forces.[5][32][38]

Princess Svana was able to persuade both Prince Irnskar and the Skald-King to offer their support to the Reachfolk, who also had suffered greatly from the actions of the Gray Host. Irnskar, in addition to agreeing to Svana's plans, attended the meeting of local rulers in Markarth, which was called by the Ard Caddach, the leader of the Reachfolk. His father, together with the Ard and Jarl Svana of Solitude signed a peace treaty between Eastern Skyrim, Western Skyrim, and the Reach. After the declaration of peace, Prince Irnskar and Svana worked together to establish the terms of the new accord.[32][39][40]

Irnskar underwent a significant change and was no longer a close-minded person he was when his father first formed the Ebonheart Pact. He was a vocal proponent of peaceful reconciliation between Eastern and Western Skyrim, and he held Princess Svana in high regard for her exceptional leadership skills.[5][1] In contrast to his father, was neither a musician nor a poet. He was instead a shrewd and diligent individual. Some people considered Irnskar to be a more responsible figure than his father, and he had confidence in his abilities as a strategist. Despite his qualities, Irnskar struggled to break free from his father's shadow.[8][3]

Treaty Talks at High IsleEdit

All Flags Islet
Prince Irnskar wielding Suungir in battle, soon after his capture

In 2E 582, the Society of the Steadfast sponsored peace talks to end the Three Banners War and invited representatives of various factions to attend. However, the medallions that were enchanted to allow the delegates to enter the hidden location were stolen by the anti-monarchist Ascendant Order. Each of the medallions was cursed to kill the chosen representative on contact, which was later intercepted before it reached the Skald-King by Lady Arabelle Davaux and another representative of the Society of the Steadfast.[41][42][43]

Although the cursed medallion was originally intended for Jorunn, it was Irnskar, his son, who was chosen to represent him at the peace talks hosted in the Systres Archipelago. Jorunn, the Skald-King, declined the invitation to the peace talks and instead insisted that his son, Irnskar, would represent the Pact. He saw this as an opportunity for Irnskar to gain experience and learn from the negotiation process. As the Skald-King, Jorunn had numerous responsibilities and wanted to delegate some of them to Irnskar. Additionally, Jorunn's personal life played a role in his decision to stay home.[6][44]

Lady Arabelle emphasized the need for secrecy, and as such Irnskar disguised himself and his entourage as common sellswords and boarded Captain Tsuzo's ship, the Kamal's Bane, in Lilmoth. They set sail westward immediately under favorable weather conditions. After three days of sailing, they reached Haven and docked to take on provisions. The crew was restricted to the ship at the request of the prince. They departed Haven, headed along the Drowned Coast and encountered contrary winds and squalls on the way to High Isle. They later joined forces with Captains Kaleen and Za'ji in the waters west of Stros M'Kai before reaching the waters of the Systres Archipelago.[45][46][47] Despite their efforts, the ships carrying Irnskar and the leaders of Covenant, and Dominion, Queen Ayrenn, and King Emeric were unable to reach their destination in time for the peace summit on High Isle. The Ascendant Order placed lodestones on each vessel beforehand so they could track them, subtly alter their courses, and target them with the storm. As they approached the region from the north, a fierce and uncontrollable storm created by the Ascendant Magus caused their ships to wreck on Loch Abhain.[48][49][50] During the storm, he helped the crew to reach safety.[46] The captains were apprehended by the Ascendant Order,[47][51] but the representatives were lost at sea and eventually washed ashore on Amenos' north coast.[52][53][54]

Prince Irnskar, Queen Ayrenn, and High King Emeric attending peace conference on All Flags Islet
Prince Irnskar's Gala Regalia

The Green Serpents, a prison gang in Amenos, offered a reward for the capture of the three nobles who had been washed ashore on the north coast. Although Ayrenn and Emeric were able to escape, Prince Irnskar was taken to the Old Coin Fort. Additionally, they took Suungir, the axe belonging to the Skald-King, which had been entrusted to his son. Lady Arabelle Davaux sent Jakarn, a Breton rogue, and another individual to retrieve the nobles. While they found Ayrenn, Emeric and the legendary axe in the jungle, they had to fight their way through the fort to rescue Prince Irnskar and safely escape the island.[6][55][56]

After the successfull escape Prince Irnskar, Queen Ayrenn, and High King Emeric were temporarily taken to Mandrake Manor, a private estate owned by Lady Arabelle Davaux in Gonfalon Bay. Soon after their arrival, he shared crucial information with Lady Arabelle. After being informed by Prince Irnskar of the Ascendant Order's plan to hold a large gathering on High Isle, she prioritized the safety of the royal guests. As a precaution, they were moved to the more secure All Flags Islet where they could be better accommodated and protected.[6][57][58] However, the island was soon under attack by the forces of the Ascendant Order,[59] led by the Ascendant Magus, along with their allies, the druids of the Eldertide Circle. During the attack, Prince Irnskar fought alongside the alliance leaders to defend the island. Despite the odds, they managed to defeat the Magus.[6][60] After the battle, Prince Irnskar attended a celebration party at the Gonfalon Palace along with other alliance representatives and important figures who were willing to continue the peace talks. However, the talks were delayed due to the activity of the Ascendant Order. Although his father did not expect much from the talks, Irnskar had a slightly different opinion and decided to stick around and wait for the peace talks to resume. He remained on High Isle until then.[6][61]

Opinion of Irnskar by the other leaders evolved over time and their shared experiences on Systes Archipelago. Initially, some may have seen him as young and impulsive, but after witnessing his bravery and dedication to the cause during the storm and the battle against the Ascendant Order, their perspective changed. They came to see him as an honorable leader, despite their differences and the ongoing war.[44][62]

Despite the leaders' presence on the archipelago, Lord Bacaro Volorus was unwilling to proceed with the peace negotiations because of the looming threat posed by the Ascendant Order. He was cautious about moving forward with the talks as an attack could happen at any moment. However, the other alliance leaders were becoming impatient with the situation, and it was difficult to keep them there for too long. While staying on the archipelago, Prince Irnskar and the other leaders were housed at the Gonfalon Palace, as it was deemed more suitable for their comfort and safety than Mandrake Manor or All Flags Islet. During that time, the neighboring island of Galen suffered greatly from an attack by the Maormer of the Dreadsails and Druids of the Firesong Circle.[63][64][7]

Soon it was discovered that Lord Bacaro was, in fact, the Ascendant Lord of the Ascendant Order and responsible for both crises in High Isle and Galen. He had planned to use the Druid King's Regalia, along with the nature spirits Frii and the Spirit of Mount Firesong, to usurp the title of the Druid King and bring about a new era in Tamriel, with himself as the leader ruling from the Ivy Throne. His plans were foiled, which in turn led to the alliance leaders working together and finally allowing the peace talks to occur.[65][66] The peace talks were ultimately initiated, but it is unknown what the outcome of the talks was.[64][67]

Rumors suggest that one of his gala outfits was accessorized with a cowl made from beasts that the prince himself had hunted.[68]

See AlsoEdit

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