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Lydi Snowpelt, leader of the Rageclaws ca. 2E 582
Chieftain Frostfang

The Rageclaw Clan was one of the clans of Reachfolk that lived in the Reach, a region in western Skyrim during the Interregnum in the Second Era. The Reachfolk of the Rageclaw Clan have domesticated a breed of stout, battle-ready bears. These bears are trained from an early age and bound to a specific clansman or clan family. They were a matriarchal society and were known to imitate their animal companions in many ways. The protection of young clan members is of utmost importance. It is not uncommon for entire families within the Rageclaw to go into battle over the slightest threat to their children. They were known for overtaking and absorbing other smaller clans, converting them to the " way of the claw." Women new to the clan enjoy tremendous control and freedom, and often enjoy the transition. Male warriors, on the other hand, are pitted against grown bears in one-on-one combat, forced to earn their place in the clan by forcing an ursine to submit. They are rarely successful, as the trials for those unfamiliar with these massive beasts are often very dangerous.[1]

Under the leadership of chieftain Lydi Snowpelt,[2][3] Stral Blackthroat,[4] and chieftain Frostfang[4][5] they allied with two other Reachfolk clans: the Boneshapers and the Stonetalons, and signed the treaty on 3rd of the Frost Fall in 2E 582.[6][nb 1][nb 2] The clans aligned themselves with the Cult of the Black Worm, which promised power and blessings of Molag Bal.[7][8][9] and invaded the Rift in 2E 582.[2]

While their allies of the Boneshaper Clan surrounded the Shor's Stone, choked off passage between Stony Basin and the Riften valley,[2] kidnapped local miners, and used tunnels as a site for their rituals for the resurrection of Sinmur's spirit,[10][11][12] they stormed the Fallowstone Hall and stole the legendary Wuuthrad, which was necessary for the completion of the rites. This attack was led by Chieftain Frostfang. The Reachfolk killed numerous recruits that stayed to protect the hall as well as its sage, Tirora. Most survivors fled to the shrines while the Reachmen sealed themselves in the inner vault. Harbinger Vigrod Wraithbane and the King's Arrow led the fight to retake Fallowstone Hall, first by rallying any survivors. When the Companions realized that the Reachmen placed a ward on the vault, the King's Arrow made contact with Tirora's spirit, who dispelled the barrier. While the Harbinger fended off the Reachmen, the King's Arrow defeated Chieftain Frostfang but found Wuuthrad gone.[13][4][14] They also defeated his relative, Lessa Frostfang.[13][15]

Ultimately the Reachmen alliance was defeated, however. Their allied forces, led by Stral Blackthroat were vanquished in the Vernim Woods,[16] and their attack on the Boulderfall Pass was stopped.[17] Rageclaw chieftain Lydi, together with other clan leaders was defeated by the King's Arrow at the encampment west of Boulderfall Pass, as per request of dying Ebonheart Pact soldier Melril.[18][19] The future of the clan is unknown, but their invasion of the Rift was thwarted.[16][20] Worm Cult persisted after the defeat of the Reachfolk, but they were also defeated eventually.[21]

Known LeadersEdit

Stral Blackthroat

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  • 1.  Reachfolk of the Rageclaw Clan are matriarchal.[1] Lydi Snowpelt and Chieftain Frostfang were both active at the same time, and both were referred to as a chieftain.[2][4] The nature of their relationship is unknown.
  • 2.  Stral was stated to lead the Rageclaw Clan and all the Reachfolk forces assaulting the Rift.[4] Unlike Lydi Snowpelt and Frostfang he is never named chieftain, however. The nature of his relationship with chieftain Lydi and chieftain Frostfang is unknown.
  • The clan shares its name with a werewolf Rageclaw, who dwelled in the mountains to the west of Windhelm. It is unknown if they are connected in any way.[22]


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