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Lore:Colovian Revolt

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Leovic, slain by Varen

The Colovian Revolt,[1][2] also known as Varen's Rebellion,[3][4][5] was a rebellion against Emperor Leovic of the Longhouse Emperors by Duke Varen Aquilarios of Chorrol. Following Leovic's legalization of Daedra worship throughout the Empire of Cyrodiil, Varen Aquilarios marshaled the military forces of the Colovian Estates to depose him,[6] triggering a widespread rebellion in 2E 576.[7] Varen based his rebellion out of Bruma, where he coordinated his troops as they liberated Cyrodiil's other cities to further weaken Leovic's control.[8] Despite his desire to fight on the frontlines, Varen instated his nephew Carolus to defend Kvatch, who repelled attacks from Longhouse-allied forces from Anvil and elsewhere.[9] Meric Renmus pledged allegiance to Varen and was given the rank of general for his loyalty.[2]

The rebellion claimed victory in 2E 577, when Varen's forces stormed the Imperial City and confronted Leovic's last legion in a bloody battle that razed the city's Market District.[10] Varen personally dispatched Leovic at the foot of the Ruby Throne before proclaiming himself emperor.[11][12][13]

Major BattlesEdit

  • Battle of Fort Ash: Emperor Leovic's forces initially defeated Varen's forces at Fort Ash, but after taking command of the Legion of Chorrol, Varen defeated Leovic's forces, which caused the Emperor's forces to retreat into the Heartlands.[6]
  • Liberation of Leyawiin: Leyawiin was allegedly single-handedly freed by Sai Sahan, who fought both Emperor Leovic's forces and his own men who had been employed by Leovic as double agents.[14] According to some other sources he was aided by allies, however.[15]
  • Defense of Kvatch: The Imperial Prefect of Anvil and Ephrem Benirus, the Count of Anvil, sent Imperial forces stationed in the coastal city inland to seize Varen Aquilarios's property and holdings. Carolus rallied the single cohort of the Second Legion in his command and the Kvatch Warders, meeting the Imperial forces on the plains below the city. The battle was swift, and the greatly reduced forces of Anvil retreated back to their city.[9]


Leovic's rotting corpse upon throne of bones

Varen discarded Leovic's corpse in the crypts beneath the Imperial Sewers;[10][16] in 2E 582, the corpse was discovered and reanimated first as a zombie and then as a flesh atronach by a trio of Worm Cultists, shortly before being destroyed by soldiers from the Alliance War.[17]

When Leovic was overthrown, the remaining Reachmen retreated from Cyrodiil.[18] His cousin[19] Caddach set aside his Imperial title and took instead the old Reach title of ard, and purged all surviving Blackdrakes, securing his hold on Markarth against his rivals.[20] Months after the disappearance of the Empress Regent Clivia Tharn, Councilor Itinia sent Helvar Tarperian to Ard Caddach with the proposal to instate him as emperor. Caddach believed her true intentions were to use him as a puppet to do her bidding and declined her offer, stating that the only situation in which he would go to Cyrodiil would be with a Reach horde.[21]