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Quarra ClanEdit

The Quarra Clan is one of the three major vampire bloodlines found in Vvardenfell and the Telvanni Peninsula.

Quenching GrailEdit

The Quenching Grail was an Imperial religious order in the First Era. They were devoted to worship of the Aedra.

At some point in the First Era, the embattled clergy of the Quenching Grail constructed the citadel of Pantherfang Chapel along the banks of the Panther River in Blackwood. This fortress served as a bastion of faith, and within its walls the Quenching Grail built a grand cathedral. Although the order was eventually disbanded, Pantherfang Chapel continued to stand for many centuries.

Circa 2E 582, Pantherfang Chapel was available for purchase as a private residence. By 3E 433, all that remained at the site of the former cathedral were the ruins of an abandoned Legion fort known as Fort Redwater.

Quicktalon ClanEdit

Quicktalon Clan was one of numerous clans of Reachfolk. They were an ancient clan that inhabited the Reach and was sundered by Carinar the Sharp's patricide. Legendary Vateshran Aydolan was born as a member of the Quicktalon Clan.

Quill CircusEdit

The Quill Circus is an active organization in the province of High Rock. It has been around for as long as anyone can remember, and is known to have various acts like plays and sideshows, and employ people like acrobats and archers.[1] In 3E 405, the circus show was run by the ringmaster, Chulmore Quill, who was an affiliate with the Dark Brotherhood.[2]