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Alcoholic beverages are a popular drug on Tamriel and elsewhere. The Brewers Guild and the Vintners Guild are both officially sanctioned guilds that specialize in both beer and wine respectively. They were given approval by the Akaviri-Potentate, Versidue-Shaie when he signed the Guild Act in 2E 321.[1] Saint Seryn the Merciful is the Dunmeri patron saint of brewers and distillers.[2]


Acai Dry MazteEdit


Ale is a type of beer common in Cyrodiil and Skyrim.

Altmer Golden Pear AleEdit

Altmer Golden Pear Ale is an exquisite ale from Summerset. It was illegal in Ebonheart Pact territory in the Second Era.

Anequina StoutEdit

Argonian AleEdit

Argonian Ale is a rare type of beer, seemingly made by the Argonians of Black Marsh and exported across Tamriel.


Beer is a common beverage in Cyrodiil, produced by fermenting starch.

Bitter Remorse AleEdit

Bile BeerEdit

Blacklight Ginger MazteEdit

Blue Banekin BeerEdit


Bog-Iron AleEdit

Bravil Bitter Barley BeerEdit

Breton Pint of BittersEdit

Camlorn Sweet Brown AleEdit

Clarified Rose LagerEdit

Cloudrest Golden AleEdit

Colovian Amber AleEdit

Colovian Ginger BeerEdit

Double Clarified MazteEdit

Drowned Sailor AleEdit

Fulmination AleEdit

Ginger Wheat BeerEdit

Golden LagerEdit

Gossamer MazteEdit

Happy Ogrim Amber AleEdit

Honeyhips Brown AleEdit

Imperial StoutEdit

Jephre's Earthbone BeerEdit

Kagouti Kick MazteEdit

Kaveh StoutEdit

Kragenmoor Zinger MazteEdit

Lemon Flower MazteEdit

Lusty Argonian Maid MazteEdit


Mazte is a cheap saltrice beer native to Morrowind.

Monkeypants MazteEdit

Narsis Wickwheat AleEdit

Necrom Nights MazteEdit

Nut Brown AleEdit

Old Sweetheart StoutEdit

Orcrest Agony Pale AleEdit

Palace of Kings Ginger BeerEdit


Psijic Sage's MazteEdit

Red Rye BeerEdit

Rimmen Sour BockEdit

Rose LagerEdit

Rosy Island AleEdit

Seven Year BeerEdit

Sorry, Honey LagerEdit

Spiced MazteEdit

Stalwart StoutEdit

Stand-Me-Up LagerEdit

Stendarr's Vigilance Ginger AleEdit

Summer Sky Pale AleEdit

Sun's Dusk AleEdit

Sun's Dusk Ale is a Bosmer Ale made from crosswings, mimics, and green mold. It smells like "juicy steak marinated with plum wine and coriander". Imga dislike the taste of the Ale.

To make it one must stretch seventeen strings of Alfiq-gut over each barrel, then fresh boar meat is pressed onto the strings, with the brewer being careful not to let any fall before it has properly rotted. Then the meat is dusted with the finely chopped skins of the red-striped frog to make sure the crosswings are drunk and happy when they fall. This is done every month for three or more years, until there is enough meat and bugs to fill the barrel.

Enchantments and spells are used in the process as well to attract the crosswings and mimics, spells to keep out the flipbacks, tree-hoppers, and hoarvor young and spells to encourage the green mold and prevent the brown and white molds.[UOL 1]

Sweet LemonaleEdit

Sweet Scamp MazteEdit

Ten-Foot BeerEdit

Timber Mammoth AleEdit

Tranquility Pale AleEdit

Vigilance Gold AleEdit

West Weald WallopEdit

Ysgramor's Harbinger LagerEdit


Abecean BrandyEdit

Aldmeri BrandyEdit

Ancient Dagoth BrandyEdit

Ancient Dagoth Brandy was fermented in the First Era by House Dagoth. Upon the resurrection of the House by the forces of Dagoth Ur in the late Third Era, the few remaining samples of the brandy came to light as a rare nectar beyond compare. It fortifies strength, while reducing agility. Special snifters were specifically designed to serve Ancient Dagoth Brandy, which concentrated the bouquet and intensified the flavor.[3]

Arenthian BrandyEdit

Colovian BrandyEdit

Colovian Brandy is an expensive Imperial brandy made in Colovia.

Cyrodilic BrandyEdit

Cyrodilic Brandy, sometimes spelled Cyrodiilic Brandy, is an expensive, but invigorating and stimulating alcoholic beverage with few unpleasant side effects. It is made in Cyrodiil and exported across Tamriel.

Ginkgo Double BrandyEdit


Greef is a comberry brandy native to Morrowind.

Numidium BrandyEdit

Plum BrandyEdit

Plum Brandy is a brandy commonly drunk by Khajiit. A known variant of it is Old Colovian Plum Brandy.[4]

Sugar BrandyEdit

Torval BrandyEdit

Vintage BrandyEdit

Vintage Brandy is considered a rarity, and is very expensive.

Xanmeer BrandyEdit


Ciders are a common drink in High Rock and amongst the Reachmen.

Reach ciders range from dark, musty, and sweet. Depending on the variety of apples used and the time of year they're pressed. Apple orchards are few and far between in the Reach, but plenty of wild apples grow in the forests and river valleys. The clans that live in those regions each have their own preferred method for brewing up their favorite cider.[5]

Comberry CiderEdit

Voljar's Honey CiderEdit


Corrupting Bloody MaraEdit

The Corrupting Bloody Mara is a cocktail of cold blood, brimstone, wood smoke, and alcohol, this cocktail increases and speeds up the process of Vampirism.

The Cliff RacerEdit

The Cliff Racer is a cocktail created by an Argonian bartender named Talen-Jei, made from Firebrand Wine, Cyrodilic Brandy, Flin, and Sujamma.

Lustidrike CocktailEdit

The Lustidrike Cocktail is less potent Sujamma that was served up by a scamp called Lustidrike during a festival of Sheogorath in the ruins of Ald Daedroth in 3E 427.

Purifying Bloody MaraEdit

The Purifying Bloody Mara is a cocktail of cold blood, herbs, spices, and alcohol, this cocktail reduces the effects of Vampirism.

The Velvet LeChanceEdit

The Velvet LeChance is a cocktail created by an Argonian bartender named Talen-Jei, made from blackberries, honey, Spiced Wine, and "just a touch" of nightshade.

The White-Gold TowerEdit

The White-Gold Tower is a cocktail created by an Argonian bartender named Talen-Jei, made from blended mead, lavender, and Dragon's Tongue.


Djinn 'n TonicEdit



Snail-Gin is a gin that is brewed in Black Marsh with a reputation for killing those who drink it. A pair of Argonian siblings from Murkmire worked on making non-lethal Snail-Gin in 2E 582.[6]

Sour Gin FizzEdit

Sylph GinEdit


Jagga is an alcoholic drink made from fermented pig's milk which is popular in Valenwood.[7]

To make it one must:

Set several shallow pans of boiled pig's milk cream where the cat can't step on them and leave alone for a day, then stir several times per day thereafter. Strain the whey into a separate vessel, keeping the curds in their pans. Break the curds apart with a spoon, then allow the curds to dry into shards. Stir daily to keep them from spoiling. Once dry, use these shards to thicken skimmed pig's milk, or to add more cream to plain pig's milk. Bottle and let ferment for 3 weeks.

One can drink the whey immediately, or use it in other recipes.[8]


Klef is a drink mainly drunk by Reachmen, it is produced using fermented sheep's milk. Most non-Reachmen cannot stomach it without being sick, and even most Reachmen hate it and only drink it to get drunk due to the lack of other alcohol available.[5]


Mead (also called Nord Mead, or Honey Wine by the Altmer) is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey and water, alternatively with molasses, and sometimes strained with mashed grains. It is a very popular drink that can be found primarily in the province of Skyrim, but it can also be seen across the continent of Tamriel, as brewing is the basis of any culture. Mead is very popular among the Nords of Solstheim, who usually import it from mainland Skyrim. Meaderies across the provinces have their own ingredients and recipes, mixing in their own spices and fruits like Juniper Berries.

Ashfire MeadEdit

Ashfire Mead is a mead produced in Thrisk. One known ingredient of it is Juniper Berries which gives it a sweeter flavor.[9]

Black-Briar MeadEdit

Black-Briar Mead is a beverage produced in the Skyrim city of Riften. Circa 2E 582, Black-Briar Mead was an especially potent drink popular with the local Nords, which was shipped as far abroad as Ebonheart during the days of the Ebonheart Pact. In the Fourth Era, production of Black-Briar Mead resumed in Skyrim when the Black-Briar family of Riften attempted to gain a foothold in the mead industry. Its major competitor was Honningbrew Mead, although by 4E 201 Honningbrew had been eliminated and Black-Briar obtained a monopoly on production. Black-Briar Reserve is a higher quality, more expensive, and more potent mead, although the brewery has been known to simply fill the bottles with regular mead.

Another known variant is the Blackbriar 195 Berry-Blend


Bloodmead is a type of mead drunk in Valenwood, it is presumably made of blood considering its name and the nature of the Green Pact.[10]

Bravil MeadEdit

Cane MeadEdit

Cane Mead is a sweet mead commonly drunk in Skyrim and Elsweyr. It requires:

  • 15 pounds dark Molasses that has been left uncovered for a week
  • 4 gallons spring water
  • 1 handfull of camaralet grapes
  • 1 handfull of dried red grapes
  • 2 fingers of yeast

Dragon's Breath MeadEdit

Dragon's Breath Mead is a type of mead found in Skyrim.

Honningbrew MeadEdit

Honningbrew Mead was produced in Whiterun up until 4E 201, when the brewery was subject to a hostile takeover by Black-Briar Mead.

Kyne's KissEdit

Kyne's Kiss is a heather mead favored by veteran warriors. It is affectionately referred to as Kyne's Kick for its ability to knock the largest Nord onto his or her arse after just a few frothy horns. It requires:

  • The juice of 12 pounds of camarelt, strained through a linen cloth
  • 4 gallons spring water
  • 4 handfuls of ground healther seeds
  • 2 handfuls of dried red grapes
  • 1 handful of dried white grapes
  • 1 handful of fresh jazbay grapes (removed from stem)

Markarth MeadEdit

Numbskin MeadEdit

Numbskin Mead or Ice Nerveshatter is a mead produced by Talan, an alchemist-turned-vintner and the brother of Tamika. It requires Dragon's Tongue and Lady's Smock Leaves.

Rosethorn MeadEdit

Rosethorn Mead is a mead produced at one point for Rosethorn Hall, a manor in Skingrad. It drains intelligence and willpower, while fortifying strength and endurance.


Sylph-Mead is a mead that is produced in the Glister Vale Hiveworks in Auridon.

Voljar's MeadEdit

Voljar's Mead is a darkmead with an earthy flavor, produced in Voljar's Meadery in Eastmarch. It requires:

  • 12 pounds wildflower honey
  • 5 gallons spring water
  • 4 handfulls of dried grasa grapes
  • 2 handfulls of crushed red grapes with the skins and stems

Voljar's Special BlendEdit

Voljar's Special Blend is a smooth, lightly sweet mead with a touch of spice, produced in Voljar's Meadery in Eastmarch. It requires:

  • 16 pounds pure appleblossom honey
  • 5 gallons spring water
  • 2 handfuls amber malt
  • 2 fingers of hallertau hops

Voljar Vintage LiqueurEdit

Voljar Vintage Liqueur is a signature mead of Voljar's Meadery. It requires:

  • 15 pounds select wild honey
  • 5 gallons spring water
  • 2 gallons of strong wheat mash
  • 2 handfuls of snowberries

It is prepared as usual for meads, but after fermentation, is distilled and aged for 1 to 3 years in cold-oak barrels.


Root LiqueurEdit

Root Liqueur is a rare Valenwood delicacy that was created by a group of Bosmer in secret using Elden Root clippings, which is considered blasphemous against the Green Pact by the Bosmer.[11]


Alabaster Honey RumEdit


Moon-Sugar RumEdit

Moon-Sugar Rum is a type of rum commonly drunk by Khajiit.[12] One known variant is Moon-Sugar Double Rum.[13]

Spiced RumEdit

Stros M'Kai RumEdit

Stros M'Kai Rum, as the name would imply, is a rum produced on the island of Stros M'Kai. It is exported across Tamriel and restores stamina.


Sujamma is a Dunmer liquor native to Morrowind. It is extremely potent, resulting in elevated spirits and increased strength and stamina, but reduced stamina regeneration and vastly reduced intelligence. A Dunmer named Geldis Sadri, who lived in Raven Rock in the Fourth Era, created his own, more potent sujamma formula which had better taste.


Comberry BourbonEdit

Comely Wench WhiskeyEdit

Crow's Nest RyeEdit

Crystal Tower WhiskeyEdit

Daedric Lava WhiskeyEdit

Daedric Lava Whiskey is a beverage originating in the Deadlands, the realm of Mehrunes Dagon. It was discovered by the adventurer Rindsey during his expedition to the realm. Drinking the whiskey temporarily paralyzes and causes the imbiber to burst into flames, but it also functions as a powerful health potion, which more than negates the damage done by the flames. A Dremora Lord is temporarily summoned to protect the imbiber.[14]

Dragontail Blended WhiskyEdit


Flin is a expensive and stimulating Cyrodilic whiskey popular in Morrowind. The flin trade is profitable and managed by the East Empire Company. It has few unpleasant side effects.

Mermaid WhiskeyEdit

Old Clear-Eye WhiskeyEdit

Riften RyeEdit

Senche-Tiger Single MaltEdit

Vvardenfell FlinEdit

Whiskey SourEdit

White-Eye WhiskeyEdit

Wide-Eye Double RyeEdit

Wizard's WhiskeyEdit

Yokudan Sorrow BourbonEdit


Wine is a common alcoholic beverage produced by fermenting grapes. The Elsweyr city of Torval is known for their finest southern wines.[15]

Alto WineEdit

Alto Wine is a common wine found across Skyrim. The fictional series by Reven talks about Alto Wine. It is made from Jazbay grapes, which grow in the volcanic tundra of Eastmarch that was at one point called "The Aalto".[16][17] Reven's Warrior mentions a privately owned vineyard in The Aalto, which produced wine. Alto Wine was at one point rare and extremely expensive, and the Emperor required the Elder Council's permission to have a glass of it once a year.[16]

Aqua VitaeEdit

Argonian BloodwineEdit

Argonian Bloodwine is a beverage produced by Talan, an alchemist-turned-vintner and the brother of Tamika. It requires Bergamot Seeds, Foxglove Nectar and a White Seed Pod. It results in a resistance to poison and disease as well as the ability to breathe underwater, although it also damages stamina regeneration.

Balmora Blue WineEdit

Balmora Blue is an illicit drink that was sold in Morrowind for many years, even after the destruction of the river city it was named after. It is first made with Moon Sugar but other ingredients are added to it to increase its potency. For the longest time, it was a black market commodity, but after Balmora's destruction in 4E 5, it became extremely valuable. Anyone that was caught with it would be imprisoned for several years.[18] They were originally made and marked by the Balmora Blue vineyards.[19]

ON-icon-food-Brown Bottle.png

Battlehorn WineEdit

Battlehorn Wine was the name of a rare Imperial vintage during the Interregnum period.[20] Its relation to Battlehorn Castle is unknown, as the castle was not built until the Third Era.[21]

Bernice's WineEdit

Sickly Bernice, a madwoman who runs a taphouse in Crucible in the Shivering Isles, is responsible for several types of wine found across the realm. Bernice's Alley Wine, Bernice's Roofwater Wine and Bernice's Summer Wine are known varieties.

Berveza VitaeEdit

Cheap WineEdit

Cheap Wine is popular across Cyrodiil.

Cheydinhal SherryEdit

Clarified Syrah WineEdit

Clavicus Vines Chenin BlancEdit


Collequiva is an Imperial wine, with it being popular with Imperial nobility and is often paired with cheese.[22][23]

Colovian BattlecryEdit

Colovian Battlecry is a beverage produced by Talan, an alchemist-turned-vintner and the brother of Tamika.

It requires:

  • Bog Beacon Asco
  • Cinnabar Polypore Red
  • Cinnabar Polypore Yellow

Dream MadeiraEdit

Dream Madeira is a fancy wine that is sold in Cyrodiil.[24]

Emberbrand WineEdit

Emberbrand Wine is a powerful and highly addictive wine, with most men barely being able to finish one flask without falling asleep.[25]

Fellmoor WineEdit

Fellmoor Wine is type of wine found in the Shivering Isles, varieties include:

  • Fellmoor Red Wine
  • Fellmoor Spore Wine
  • Fellmoor Swamp Wine

Fifth Legion PorterEdit

Fine Elf WineEdit

Fine Elf Wine is an elven wine considered a rarity in the Argonian city of Stormhold.

Firebrand WineEdit

Flowing Bowl Green PortEdit

Frostdew BlancEdit

Frostdew Blanc is a beverage produced by Talan, an alchemist-turned-vintner and the brother of Tamika. It requires:

  • Aloe Vera Leaves ×2
  • Green Stain Cup Cap ×2

Ginger PortEdit

Hello Handsome PorterEdit

Imperial Mulled WineEdit

Many Imperials have found Skyrim's climate difficult to bear, so when one enterprising garrison cook whipped up this hot drink to help ward off the northern chill, it quickly gained popularity across the region and beyond. It makes use of a few Imperial ingredients that must be imported, but its warming qualities are considered well worth the extra expense.

Kvatch Watch GrenacheEdit

Jessica's WineEdit

Julianos FirebellyEdit

Julianos Firebelly is a beverage produced by Talan, an alchemist-turned-vintner and the brother of Tamika.

It requires:

  • Sacred Lotus Seed
  • Lady's Smock Leaves ×2

Mulled WineEdit

Nereid WineEdit

Port Hunding Pinot NoirEdit

Pomegranate WineEdit

Pomegranate Wine is known to be drunk in Hammerfell[26]

Pyandonea MerlotEdit

Saint Pelin's Tawny PortEdit

Shadowbanish WineEdit

Shadowbanish Wine is a notoriously rare collection of wine that was made for the Imperial Legion throughout Cyrodiil. It was made by an expert alchemist that was also a vintner, back when the ruined forts throughout the province were still active. The magic imbued in the wine gifted the drinkers with night eye, for late-night surveillance on cold nights.[27] In 2E 582, the Shadowbanish Vintners was a group active in the Interregnum who held wine-tasting parties in Trader's Cove.[28] In 3E 433, a wine collector from Weye tasked an adventurer to find the last of the wine in the various ruins throughout Cyrodiil. These locations span across the province, from Fort Grief to Fort Vlastarus. Eventually, six bottles of Shadowbanish Wine was recovered and added to the collection.[29]


Shein is a comberry wine native to Morrowind. Dunmer prefer it to be bitter and sour, and have a warm ruddy color.[30] Known variants include:

  • Five Isles reserve blend
  • Sour Guar Shein

Skingrad MuscatEdit

Southern WineEdit

Southern Wine is considered a rarity in the far northern city of Dawnstar.[31]

Sparkling HoneydewEdit

Sparkling Honeydew is a beverage produced by Talan, an alchemist-turned-vintner and the brother of Tamika.

It requires:

  • Lavender Sprig ×2
  • Summer Bolete ×2

Spiced WineEdit

Spiced Wine is a wine commonly drunk in Skyrim, the spices to make it are imported by the East Empire Company

Spicy Wyress WineEdit

Stumblefoot's ReserveEdit

Stumblfoot's Reserve is a beverage produced by Talan, an alchemist-turned-vintner and the brother of Tamika. It requires:

  • Arrowroot
  • Flax Seeds ×2

Surilie Brothers WineEdit

Surilie Brothers Wine is a Skingrad wine made by the Surilie family. Particularly good vintages include Surilie Brothers Vintage 415 and Surilie Brothers Vintage 399.[32]

Surilie Bros. White MerlotEdit

Surilie Syrah WineEdit

Sweet and Sour PortEdit

Tamika's West Weald WineEdit

Tamika's West Weald Wine is a Skingrad wine named for the region of the West Weald where it is produced. It was made by the famed Redguard vintner Tamika. Particularly good vintages include Tamika Vintage 415 and Tamika Vintage 399.

Tawny PortEdit

Tears of AmayaEdit

The Tears of Amaya is a well-known and one of the finest vintages from Vvardenfell, made from the grapes that can only grow on the shores of Lake Amaya.[33]

Valenwood WineEdit

Valenwood Wine is a wine made in Valenwood, it was illegal to import it into Imperial territory during the Tiber Wars. Imperial Governer Amiel Richton liked this wine to the point where he allowed smugglers to operate under his rule to keep his cellars stocked with it.[34]

Velothi View Vintage MalbecEdit

Yerba Syrah WineEdit

White-Gold TowerEdit

White-Gold Tower is a light white wine known for its crisp taste and fragrant bouquet.


Theilul is an Argonian wine made with sugarcane.[6] Theilul is more profitable and easier to transport than the cane itself.[35]



A Bosmer drink.[36]




Liquid LichEdit




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