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Fharun Stronghold ca. 2E 582
Seal of the Fharun Clan

The Fharun Clan is a clan of Orcs that lives in the Wrothgar region of northeastern High Rock. Clan Fharun is one of the oldest and self-proclaimed strongest clans in the region, and they have the utmost respect for Orcish customs and devotion to Malacath.[1] The clan and their clanhold are the original namesake of the present-day kingdom and city-state, Farrun.[2]


"Cursed are Fharun for not fighting to the death. At the first suggestion from the others, they slipped away so one clan might survive Orsinium's fall. Their departure was Orsinium's true betrayal. "
—Malacath's thoughts on Clan Fharun in the Siege of Orsinium

The Fharun Clan has been around since at least the early-mid First Era as members of the clan were present in the Siege of Orsinium. However, their actions in the conflict have since been looked down upon in Orcish myth. The Fharun Clan did not fight to the absolute end and fled the battle to ensure their clan's survival. The Aspect of Malacath, who guides members of the Wrathful Flame through the Rites of Praise and Scorn claims that the Fharuns' departure was Orsinium's true betrayal.[3]

In the dark days after the Siege of Orsinium, Thruz gro-Fharun led a group of Orcish warriors called the Band of Fifty to defeat the daedric titan that plagued southern Wrothgar called Zandadunoz the Ravager. After weeks of battle, the Band of Fifty defeated the cult dedicated to the titan and Thruz gro-Fharun defeated the daedroth in the shadow of Honor's Rest by ripping out its heart.[4]

By the mid-Second Era, the Fharun Clan held the most victories in Vosh Ball, a sport popular among Wrothgarian Orcs. The clan won seven "series of the clan" by wide margins and their most prized member was Bazrag gro-Fharun, who was also the clan's chieftain.[5] When his close friend and comrade, Kurog gro-Bagrakh founded Orsinium as its first King, Chief Bazrag and many other clan chieftains were opposed to Forge-Mother Alga's push toward Trinimac worship.[6]

In 2E 582, the Vosh Rakh, a cult of fanatic Trinimac worshippers invaded Fharun Stronghold and threw Chief Bazrag into Fharun Prison.[7] While the chief was imprisoned and under the guise of Malacath worshippers, the Vosh Rakh attacked the Temple of Ire in Orsinium in Bazrag's name and harmed the priesthood including High Priestess Solgra.[8] Bazrag's shield-wife, Ulsha asked Solgra for help and in order to avoid a possible civil war,[9] she sent two warriors, the Vestige and Eveli Sharp-Arrow to Fharun Stronghold and rescue the chieftain. Once they met Ulsha outside the stronghold, they were able to confirm their story and their lack of involvement in the temple's attack.[10]

After King Kurog and Forge-Mother Alga were killed, Chief Bazrag took up his role as the King of Orsinium.[11] And years later, their clanhold of Fharun became a modern Breton kingdom known as Farrun.[2][12]

Notable MembersEdit

Bazrag gro-Fharun
Chief of Clan Fharun in the mid-Second Era and second King of Kurog's Orsinium
Chief's Eye
Chief Bazrag's spymaster and the last person to wield Guthrag's Mask before it lost its magical powers[13]
Thruz gro-Fharun
An Orcish warrior who slew the daedric titan, Zandadunoz the Ravager


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