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Vanquished ClanEdit

The Vanquished Clan, also known as the Vanquished, is an unaffiliated clan of Dremora and one of the gangs of the Fargrave's district of the Shambles. It is unknown where they came from, though the most popular theories postulate that once served a forgotten Daedric Prince.

They are known to roam the realms of Oblivion and seek out the most squalid and lawless situations, making a place for themselves there. Some sources claim that they believe they deserve no better. Unlike most Dremora, the Vanquished ignore distinctions of rank or title. It was speculated that this may stem from the fact that all Vanquished are considered varlets or churls by the rest of their kind. In Fargrave, they are known as one of the gangs that control the Shambles. Similarly to the Errants and the Invisible Web, they consider it their hunting grounds. They control the central plazas of the Shambles as one of their territories.


Vateshrans are a Reachfolk class of lorekeepers and storytellers. They keep the history of the clans of the Reach. Some of the Vateshrans are focused primarily on the history of a singular clan, while others mainly travel across the Reach to share and learn stories of other clans. They are also responsible for the ritualistic commemoration of the dead ancestors of their clan through music and song. Vateshrans are people of great importance and are widely respected by the Reachfolk clans, as they are responsible for passing down the ancient traditions.

Veiled Heritance‎Edit

The Veiled Heritance was a covert group of Altmeri nationalists formed in 2E 582 in response to the rise of Queen Ayrenn and the Aldmeri Dominion. Vehemently against the young queen and her Bosmer and Khajiit allies, they sought to depose her and appoint their own monarch, the Veiled Queen, High Kinlady Estre of Errinorne.

The Heritance consisted mainly of disenfranchised veterans and youths. Many more traditional Altmer despised the Dominion due to their feelings of racial superiority and disliked Ayrenn due to her unorthodox wanderings as a youth, and as such the Heritance enjoyed widespread support. The group's main presence was on Auridon, and their base of operations was a ruin on Errinorne Isle known as the Veiled Keep. Recruits would be taken to the island to train and pledge their souls to the Heritance. The group were aligned with Mehrunes Dagon due to Estre's secret worship of the Prince, although they eventually fell under the sway of Molag Bal.


The Velas clan is an ancient family of Dunmer that lives in the province of Morrowind. They are one of the thirty revered families of Vvardenfell and are a sub-faction of the Great House Dres. The clan are descendants of accomplished mages such as Malkur Valos and Gavis Velas. The Velas Ancestral Tomb is located on a beach in Azura's Coast, between the town of Suran and the ancient stronghold Telasero.


The Veloth Clan is a family of Dark Elves that live in the province of Morrowind. The Veloth clan has a long and prominent history on the region of Vvardenfell, and is said to be the lineage of the prophet, Veloth the Pilgrim. The Veloth Ancestral Tomb is found in the West Gash of Vvardenfell. Their house affiliation is unknown.

Vereansu TribeEdit

The Vereansu Tribe is an Ashlander tribe that lives in the Deshaan region of mainland Morrowind.

In the years leading up to 2E 582 they were led by Ashkhan Ginasa and Wise Woman Malinu Laetha.

In 2E 582, the Vereansu led an attack on the Temple monastery at Muth Gnaar. The monastery held the Tear of Saint Veloth, an artifact sacred to House Dunmer and Ashlanders alike. The healers at the monastery were using the Tear to suppress the effects of the Llodos Plague, which was spreading across Deshaan. The Vereansu, in their fear of the plague, viewed the Tear's use as defilement and sought to cleanse the monastery with flame. They captured the afflicted and many of the priests who tended them, and locked them within burning buildings to perish. Without the Tear's protection however, many of the afflicted transformed into Plague Husks and attacked the tribe. Amid the chaos, fleeing priests called for aid from the roadside, and were successfully able to rescue several people from the monastery. The Vereansu wise woman was killed while attempting to destroy the Tear, and the tribe was eventually driven off with the death of its ashkhan.

Vigil of StendarrEdit

The Vigil of Stendarr is an order of priests and warriors who fight in the name of the divine Stendarr, those in their ranks are known to be part of the Priesthood of Stendarr. Their main goal and purpose is wiping out Daedra and any other "abominations" (such as vampires, werewolves, and witches) wherever they are found. Vigilants regularly patrol the wilds of Tamriel in their dedication to wiping out Daedra, and will cure diseases for free. The order was created shortly after the Oblivion Crisis. Each provincial chapter is led by a Keeper of the Vigil. The Vigil's base of operations in Skyrim was the Hall of the Vigilant, located south of Dawnstar. They also gather near Stendarr's Beacon in The Rift. The Vigilants in Skyrim were led by Keeper Carcette.

Vinedusk RangersEdit

The Vinedusk Rangers (formerly known as the Vinedusk Tribe) is an elite group of Bosmeri rangers, assassins, and spies that historically live in Reaper's March, in northeast Valenwood. They are considered some of the most proficient and lethal assassins in Tamriel, and their main goal is to keep diplomacy and peace, while serving the High King of Valenwood. Unlike most of the Bosmer that adhere to the Green Pact, the Vinedusk are more indifferent to the preservation of the Green, and will destroy it if it benefits them in battle. Within the Vinedusk Rangers there is an elite, dangerous force known as the Vinedusk Vigilants, assassin-scouts who move quietly through forests, dealing with any who pose a threat. They are sometimes called tree ghosts, and wear custom-made gear that complements their preferred fighting styles. They live in the aptly named Vinedusk Village, which moves regularly throughout the region. Not far from their township, the tomb of their leader, Nendaer the Ironbark is always nearby.

Vintners GuildEdit

The Vintners Guild is an officially sanctioned guild. As their name implies, they employ vintners from across the Empire.

During the Akaviri Potentate in 2E 321, Versidue-Shaie gave his approval for the Guild Act, which sanctioned businesses such as the Vintners Guild. They were hence protected by the Empire of Cyrodiil, even into the Third Era, but would be required to pay them if they wanted to expand their influence. The Empire had subsequently strengthened since the Guild Act was passed.


The Vlindrels are a great and ancient noble merchant family of Colovian origin, active in Cyrodiil, and the Reach.


The Volkihar are the most powerful tribe of vampires in Skyrim. The Volkihar are paranoid and cruel, and their breath is said to freeze their victims' blood in the veins. They are said to usually live in eastern Skyrim, beneath the ice of remote and haunted lakes, never venturing into the world of men except to feed. Despite these claims, they are sometimes known to dwell within vampire lairs with others of their kind, and can be found all over Skyrim. They can reach through the ice of their lakes without breaking it to grab unsuspecting victims from the surface. Members of the Volkihar bloodline are infected with the vampire's disease called Sanguinare Vampiris, instead of the more common Porphyric Hemophilia.

Lord Harkon and his family are apparently the progenitors of the Volkihar clan. They are pure-blooded Vampire Lords, having been given the gift of vampirism directly by Molag Bal. Harkon and his court dwell within the ancient Castle Volkihar, on a remote island off the coast of Haafingar, near the border of High Rock. The Volkihar bloodline thins with each new generation, becoming weaker and eventually losing the ability to transform, though the progeny and "grandchild" of a pure-blood are still pure enough to transform into a Vampire Lord but are still considered to be half-breeds, at least compared to the Daughters of Coldharbour and Harkon. According to the ancient vampire Vingalmo, certain star signs as well as a mortal descendant of Harkon will allow vampirism to be "faithfully" accepted by the descendant, thus creating a vampire lord seemingly regardless of generation.

Vosh RakhEdit

The Vosh Rakh (Blade of Courage in Orcish) was a religious movement that promised to return the Orcs back to what and who they are as people by reclaiming the glory of the warrior god Trinimac and restoring the Orcs to what the Vosh Rakh saw as the rightful place of the race in the world. During the time of their activities in the year 2E 582 they were led by Forge-Mother Alga, mother of the then King Kurog of Orsinium, with the group meant to be temporary as they would soon disband after causing trouble to followers of Malacath as they sought Orc unification under their own terms.


Vraseth (or House Vraseth) is one of the vampire bloodlines of the Iliac Bay area.