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Gallants of HammerfellEdit

The Gallants of Hammerfell (also called the Knights of the Desert, or simply Gallants) are expert sword-wielding warriors and horse-riders from the province of Hammerfell, specifically the Alik'r region. A gallant's main choice of steed is the Yokudan Charger, a breed of horse that can traverse the Alik'r Desert better than other breeds. Gallants have several chapters across the Alik'r Desert and are based in the region's various cities, such as Sentinel and Bergama. "Gallants" are the Redguard equivalent of the Tamrielic knight, and Stendarr, the Forebears god of justice is their favorite deity.


Garlythi is one of the vampire bloodlines of the Iliac Bay area.


The Gautier family is a noble clan from the Kingdom of Camlorn, in the province of High Rock. For an unspecificed time, the Ebon Crypt in the hills of King's Guard served as the family's mausoleum until it was taken over by the necromancer, Thrandyke the Repugnant, who used it as place to do experiments, leading to the create of a powerful monster known as the Ebon Lord.

Ghost People TribeEdit

The Ghost People Tribe (called the Veeskhleel in Jel) is an Argonian tribe that lives in Deepmire, in the northern reaches of Murkmire. They have an eerie and horrid reputation, and are feared by the other tribes. There are many rumors surrounding the Veeskhleel, including tales of stalking, abduction, and grave robbing. Rumors say they only leave their lands to steal the bodies of the dead during the night.

Ghostsong ClanEdit

The Ghostsong Clan was a Reachmen organization that inhabited the Reach and were named after their interactions with the deity that they interacted the most, Namira the Spirit Queen, who often spoke to them and offered the clan dark and powerful secrets. Their ranks were made out of mostly witches, warriors and even werewolves.

Gleaners of AurbisEdit

The Gleaners of Aurbis were an organization composed of mortal and daedric extraplanar travelers who acted as thieves and spies.

Gleaners of Aurbis' headquarters were located in the city of Fargrave. Their official stalls were placed in the Bazaar. The organization offered guidance, advice, and employment for the mortal inhabitants of the city. They established the Fargrave Outlaws Refuge to accommodate their needs. It was one of the best places to move contraband within the boundaries of the city, rivaled only by the Shambles.

They had an arrangement with another prominent mortal organization, Saraathu Tong, a faction of mages and scholars. Mages provided them with more advanced teleportation services, such as travel to places that are not readily connected to the portal plazas of Fargrave or transport to specific locations quickly and secretly. In return, the Gleaners provided the services of their thieves and spies.

Gleaners of Aurbis were an elite and selective group. To join the organization one needed to receive an invitation. They however offered job offers to adventurers that were not affiliated with the organization. Gleaners required a certain level of skill from their members, but it was commonly believed that recommendation from influential Fargravians, such as Madam Whim might improve one's chances of joining significantly.

Despite being an organization of thieves they were tolerated by the Daedric authorities of the city. Some of their biggest clients were influential figures in Fargrave. Once the organization was established, the thieves avoided stealing from those people of import. Since the Gleaners kept a low profile, the Daedric authorities let them operate within the city boundaries and beyond. They typically don't steal from citizens of Fargrave and retrieve items from elsewhere for interested parties in the city. They occasionally hire lone adventurers to help with that. However cases of theft within the city's boundaries are not unprecedented.

Glenmoril WyrdEdit

The Glenmoril Wyrd (also known as the Glenmoril Coven and the Glenmoril Witches) is a loose association of female-only Bretonic Wyrd covens who revere nature and the natural world. They enforce laws of nature which only they recognize, mostly in its darker aspects. Membership however also extends to outsiders, even those from other races. Their ranks consist primarily of humans, though some covens include beastfolk such as hagravens and lamias. When present, lamias and hagravens usually take on leadership roles within their respective coven. They have had a presence in High Rock, Solstheim, Cyrodiil and Skyrim. Some sects of the Glenmoril Wyrd are notable for possessing secrets for curing lycanthropy and vampirism. Some city-dwelling members of the coven are vampires themselves. This tribe of vampires grew so powerful as to gain the attention of the Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order, who considered them to be "Rivals". Glenmoril Wyresses are known for their ability to transform into creatures such as wolves and enormous ravens. This beast-form magic is attributed to their knowledge of the mysteries of Hircine's domain.

The Glenmoril Coven were originally part of the Wyrd, a singular entity that later split into subgroups, such as the Glenmoril and Jephre-worshipping Beldama Wyrd. The Wyrd originated from the ancient people that dwelled in High Rock, who are referred to by the retroactive nomenclature, the Druids of Galen. A religious schism brought about the Wyrd's separation from their druid brethren. The Wyrd abandoned civilization in favor of living in the wilds, and believe that they are nature itself: the forest, the plants and beasts within it, and even the weather. In contrast, while ancient druids revered nature, they were not keen to isolate themselves and worship the untamed wilds. The druids accepted what they interpreted as their "proper place" as people, and embraced the idea that civilization can coexist alongside nature. The Druids of Galen and the Wyrd disapproved of each other's lifestyles: the druids found the ways of the Wyrd unsavory, and the Wyrd thought the druids as "barons in ivy robes" that were no better than city-dwellers. Like the Wyrd, druids would much later practice self-isolation to varying degrees, as a response to the historical encroachments and heartless deprivations that would await them. When the Druids of Galen were driven into exile to the Systres, these sisterhoods of the Wyrd remained behind on the mainland to safeguard the forests of High Rock, with some of the dozen or so covens even spreading throughout Tamriel.

The Gold FleetEdit

The Gold Fleet was a major expeditionary naval force of the First Aldmeri Dominion, active circa 2E 582, that was intended to complete a circuit of the Dominion's coastal territories as both a diplomatic gesture and a show of strength. Expensive and numerous Altmer ships such as the Falconer and the Peregrine made up the core of the fleet, while a squadron of Khajiit privateer vessels (including the Little Alkosh, the Mara's Teat, the Prowler and the Rusty Claw) joined after stopping over in Haven to embark a contingent of Bosmer marines. On approach to Khenarthi's Roost, however, the fleet was swept ashore by a hurricane, running aground in the Shattered Shoals with the loss of all ships save for the Prowler. Although many—including the fleet commander—perished in the storm, some Dominion sailors survived, and sought refuge in the nearby port of Mistral, which strained the capacity of the local guard to accommodate them all. To make matters worse, Maormer raiders soon arrived on the beaches to scavenge the wrecks.

Grand CouncilEdit

The Great Houses hate each other -- theft, murder, assassinations, secret raids, standard stuff.
Hasphat Antabolis

The Great House traditions derive from ancient Dunmer clans and tribes, but now function as political parties. In modern times, Morrowind is ruled by the Grand Council of five Great Houses: House Redoran, House Telvanni, House Sadras, House Indoril, and House Dres, presided over by the Lord High Councilor. House Hlaalu previously sat on the Council, but lost its seat to House Sadras in the early Fourth Era. Each House governs an eponymous district on mainland Morrowind; Redoran in the northwest, Sadras (previously Hlaalu) in the western-center and southwest, Telvanni in the northeast, Indoril in the central heartlands and east, and Dres in the southeast. Three of the Houses also had interests in the island of Vvardenfell. Members of each Great House commonly identify themselves by the traditional colors of their House: red for Redoran, yellow for Hlaalu, blue for Indoril, brown for Telvanni, and gray for Dres.

Grasp of the StrictureEdit

The Grasp of the Stricture (or simply the Grasp) is a body of daedric arbiters that reside in Fargrave. The group consists primarily of Dremora. They are responsible for the interpretation and maintaining conduct of the Stricture - an ancient Daedric compact that prevents Daedra from using violence within the boundaries of the city.

Gray HostEdit

The Gray Host was a mighty and terrible army made up of vampires, were-creatures, zombies, and faceless shadows, that was active during the earlier half of the First Era. They were led in battle by the Vampire King Styriche of Verkarth, though he did not hold absolute power, as the Gray Host was instead governed by the Gray Council. The Gray Council was made up of powerful vampires and lycanthropes within the Gray Host's Hierarchy. Those with leadership positions on the council were known as the Exarchs. The motives of the blasphemous aggregation were unclear as no one bothered to inquire, though it was suspected to be more than mere slaughter.


The Gray-Manes are an old and influential clan in Whiterun.


The Greenspeakers (also known as Greenshapers, Green-Singers, Home Singers, Pod-Singers, and Tree Shapers) are Bosmeri practitioners of nature magic who work in tandem with the Green Pact to shape the environment into settlements such as villages and even cities. They enhance the growth of Graht-oak trees and branches to form furniture, weapons, and even housing called Pod-Homes. They also craft it into bridges and platforms, as well as gates and large temples. They also create items of everyday use with the usage of the magic, such as flatware.


The Greybeards, an ancient and honored order of monks, live in silence at the ancient monastery High Hrothgar near the summit of the Throat of the World. They are the most famous of the Tongues, or masters of the Voice. Jurgen Windcaller founded the order in response to the Nord army's defeat after battling at Red Mountain. After the battle, he meditated for approximately seven years, and arrived at the conclusion that the power of the Voice should be used primarily as a means of attaining enlightenment, rather than a tool of war. Jurgen called his new philosophy the Way of the Voice, and preached a lifestyle of meditative study of the Voice which the Greybeards carry on to this day.

Some people believe that the Greybeards are not, strictly speaking, pacifists; that the Way of the Voice teaches only that violence is the least of the Voice's uses, and it should be used for that purpose only in times of "True Need". The coming of a Dragonborn is considered such a time. The Dragonborn is not a Greybeard, and so the violent use of the Voice by a Dragonborn can be "overlooked", though the followers of the Way are expected to remain peaceful. There have been times when students of the Greybeards cannot handle the demands of their lifestyle; renowned figures such as Dragonguard member Grundwulf and eventual Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak have either failed to develop their skills or failed to live by the ascetic lifestyle of the Way. Paarthurnax, the Grandmaster of the order, made his home alone above High Hrothgar, at the summit of the Throat of the World.

For more information, see the main lore article.

Grimfang ClanEdit

Grimfang Clan was one of numerous clans of Reachfolk. They were an ancient clan that inhabited the region of Druadach Mountains.

Grimfangs were known for taming and breeding Druadach Mountain Bears as mounts. Their bears were known for inherent docility but also were swiftly angered when threatened.

Grimfang Clan feuded with Nords of Skyrim and endured numerous raids from their neighbors. The breed of bear they were famous for became popular among their enemies, who were known to capture them during their attacks.

At some point in history, during the reign of the Longhouse Emperors one of the Druadach Mountain Bears saved the life of Tirudilmo, an Altmer child, whose family moved into Markarth. The same Altmer, in adulthood, kept a store in the city and was known as the Bear-Blessed among the locals.

As of 2E 582 the Grimfang Clan was already considered ancient. Their status was unknown, but their Druadach Mountain Bears were popularized across the Tamriel and available for purchase.


House Guimard is an aristocratic family of High Rock that claims to have resided in Evermore since the port was founded in 1E 983, three years after the fall of Orsinium. Though earlier accounts of the family are purportedly locked away in their castle vaults, they were publicly documented when High Rock entered into the Alessian Empire in 1E 1029. A citation in the Decretal of Fiefdoms made by Empress Hestra mentions "Barron Guy Marde of ye Rivver Banke".