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Fifth Legion Trainer

The Fifth Legion is one of the many legions that make up the Imperial Legion, the militant arm of the Empire.[1][2] Renowned for its participation in the Imperial campaign in Akavir, the Fifth Legion played a significant role in the Empire's endeavors in that distant land.[3][4] Fifth Legion Porter, an alcoholic beverage, was named after them.[5]


While the precise date of its establishment remains uncertain, the Fifth Legion was active and engaged during the turbulent period of the Three Banners War in the Interregnum. In approximately 2E 582, Captain Lampronius, a commanding officer of the Fifth Legion, undertook the responsibility of training recruits within the legion. During this period of the Second Era, he authored a document that provided recommendations on the training of healer recruits.[2][4]

Under the reign of Emperor Uriel V, in 3E 288, the Fifth Legion was reestablished and played a significant role in accompanying him on a the crusade to the distant lands of Akavir. In preparation for this campaign, a formidable Far East Fleet was assembled, surpassing the strength of the entire Imperial Navy and earning the reputation as one of the most formidable fleets in Tamrielic history. The initial landing on Akavir's shores saw the participation of the Fifth, Seventh, Tenth, and Fourteenth Legions, while the Ninth and Seventeenth Legions were designated as reinforcements to be deployed once the beachhead had been secured.[3][4]

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