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Sai Sahan
LG-cardart-Sai Sahan.png
Sai Sahan
Race Redguard Gender Male
Born 2nd Era
Resided in Hammerfell
Appears in ESO, Legends

Sai Sahan was a Redguard swordmaster and Captain of the Dragonguard.[1] He was renowned for liberating the city of Leyawiin. A member of the Five Companions, he fled with the Amulet of Kings when the Soulburst occurred. He managed to hide the Amulet in Sancre Tor, but he himself was imprisoned in the Halls of Torment. After his rescue by the Vestige, they recovered the Amulet of Kings.[2]


Son of Nazir Itaf Sahan of Bangkorai,[3] Sai Sahan came from a long line of Redguard swordmaster nobles, and was "something more than mortal man", descending from Leki the Yokudan Sword-Saint.[4] He trained in the arts of war with his friend and mentor Kasura in the Valley of Blades, an ancient trading hub in the Dragontail Mountains.[4] He spent years training in solitude as he attempted to revive the lost Yokudan art of sword-singing, but he ultimately failed, resulting in his self-doubt. Despite this, he retained a strong will and sense of self.[3][5][6] He dreamed of a reunited Empire, and thus swore to protect Emperor Varen Aquilarios to see that dream achieved.[1] Varen made him Captain of the Dragonguard. Sai Sahan also trained many of the captains himself. During the war against Emperor Leovic, he was tasked by Varen to free the settlement of Leyawiin. He was given a group of mercenary soldiers for assistance, but they turned out to be Leovic's own agents. Faced with two armies, Sai Sahan emerged victorious, returning to the rebellion base at Bruma weeks later with eighty-six scalps and news of the city's liberation. Accounts of the battle vary: some believe he single-handedly liberated Leyawiin in one battle, while others say he murdered the guards for days until the Reachmen eventually left the settlement with their mercenaries.[7]

The Amulet of Kings within Sancre Tor

Sai Sahan joined the Five Companions, a group of adventurers who sought the Amulet of Kings to use to rekindle the Dragonfires. The Amulet was found and a ritual prepared to persuade Akatosh to make Varen Dragonborn. However, when the ritual commenced in 2E 579, it was corrupted by Mannimarco, causing the Soulburst. Varen vanished during the catastrophe, allegedly consumed by the blast, while Sai Sahan fled with the Amulet of Kings.[8] He and Lyris Titanborn were suspected of playing a part in Varen's supposed death, a claim that was supported by the fact that he fled as soon as he recovered.[8][9]

He was eventually imprisoned within the Halls of Torment by Mannimarco for two years,[4] where he was subjected to torture in an attempt to extract information on the Amulet of Kings' location. While he resisted the torture, he was not completely unharmed. He was saved in 2E 582 by the Vestige, who accompanied him back to his ancestral home to find out how to enter Sancre Tor and recover the Amulet of Kings. Now having recovered from the torture, he guided the Vestige to the Amulet.[2]. After his rescue, he also contributed to recording the history of the Five Companions.[3][1] Sai Sahan offered to sacrifice himself in order to defeat Molag Bal and end the threat of the Planemeld, and it is unknown if he survived. Varen noted that his spirit would have been dispersed into the Aetherius, being neither dead or alive, just that his essence would be outside the cycle of the Mundus.[4] He had planned to return to the Valley of Blades to help Kasura rebuild the sword school there. He and Lyris had grown particularly close over the course of their quest.[10]

To appease the dragons, Euraxia Tharn put out a hit on Dragonguard Orland, seemingly the last member of the Dragonguard. Before he died, he sent word to the other sanctuaries and noted that at least one other Dragonguard was still out there, and would come soon.[11] When a dragon attacked the city of Rimmen, Sai Sahan arrived with a barrage of soldiers and sounded a Dragonhorn. He came to the aid of Queen Khamira and fellow companion Abnur Tharn, having his infantry kill the dragon with a ballista.[12]


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