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An emblem representing Mehrunes Dagon

The Firescourge Clan is a Dremora clan in service to Mehrunes Dagon.[1] Although the clan had many members, they were counted among the less distinguished of Dagon's servants. Despite the low-ranking of their clan, they were noted to be loyal foot-soldiers in their service to their Prince.[1][2]

Circa 2E 582, a member of the University of Gwylim's Antiquarian Circle Amalien discovered a Firescourge Clan document, that described the Mindcleaver Clan as a hated secret police, deposed by an alliance of smaller clans in the ancient past. In fact, the Firescourge Clan participated in this deposition and was allied with the Ruinblood Clan, which attempted to destroy all evidence of Mindcleaver Clan's existence.[3][2]

Markyn Ring of Majesty was a relic composed of five pieces associated with various Dremora clans. A Firescourge Band was one of the parts and was speculated to be worn by one of their leaders to show off their rank to the lower castes and their peers.[2]

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