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To be the Worldskin is to be everything, and to be everything is to be nothing.Knowing Satakal
Satakal depicted on a Na-Totambu ceremonial gong

Satakal the Worldskin, is the Yokudan god of everything, and a fusion of the concepts of Anu and Padomay[1] (Satak and Akel),[2] or the habitable universe resulting of their interaction, also called the Aurbis or "The Gray Maybe".[2] Driven by hunger to eat one world to begin another, Satakal also has much in common with the Nordic Alduin. In Yokudan mythology, Satakal has done (and still does) this many times over, a cycle which prompted the birth of spirits that could survive the transition, notably Ruptga, the first who learned how to do so. These spirits ultimately became the Yokudan pantheon.[1]

Satakal is a popular god of the Alik'r nomads.[1] Redguard creation myth holds that they are doomed to mortality because they are very far away from the real world of Satakal, and the safe haven of the Far Shores is too far away for them to jump from the mortal world.[2]


Worshippers of Satakal are sometimes called "Satakals", and they proved resistant to transitioning to the Eight Divines.[3] The Maormer ruler King Orgnum was a deathless wizard rumored to actually be the Serpent God of the Satakal.[4] Satakalaam is a city in Hammerfell on the eastern shores of the Iliac Bay which is presumably named after the Worldskin. At least one Third Era Redguard ruler believed worship of Satakal was tantamount to treason against the Empire.[5] Priests of the deity believe that Satakal eats himself, and the spirits move to the Far Shores.[6]


To the Yokudans, Satak is the Snake who came Before. All the worlds to come rested in the glimmering scales of Satak. There was nothing except Satak; nothing else had the space to exist. The worlds on Satak's skin put out a call to be saved, and they were heard by Akel, the Hungry Stomach of Satak. Akel made itself known, and Satak gave into hunger and began eating. Soon there was enough room to live in the worlds and things began in this violent time. Pretty soon Akel caused Satak to bite its own heart, and Satak died. The hunger, though, refused to stop, even in death, and so the First Serpent shed its skin to begin anew. As the old world died, Satakal began.[2]


  • Satakal was said to be the first Serpent,[6] and the modern-day Redguards often exclaim "By the First Wyrm."[7]
    • Despite this claim, The Monomyth gives the appellation "First Serpent" to Satak (and "Second Serpent" to Sep).[2]

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