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A traditional Forebear dishdasha

The Forebears is the name given to a social and political group of the Redguards. The Warrior Wave of Ra Gada, or first invasion of Yokudans to reach Tamriel, are now known as the Forebears. They cleared the way for their rulers, the Na-Totambu, and their faction, which is now known as the Crowns. When the Na-Totambu and the Yokudan nobility came later, Razul made himself Yokeda to cement the power of the Ra Gada, with some calling Yokeda Razul the first Forebear.[1]

The Crowns and Forebears represented the two halves of a highly stratified Hammerfell and fought a bitter civil war during the Common Era. Today they are at peace, though divisions remain. During the Third Era they were the most cosmopolitan of the Redguard factions and happily embraced the Empire of Tiber Septim. Recently a third faction, the Lhotunics, has emerged, representing a middle ground.


Circa 2E 862 the leader of the forebears, Baron Volag, led an uprising against the Crowns after the death of High King Thassad II, managing to take over the city of Sentinel. The initial uprising in Sentinel was termed Volag's purge by those who viewed it as a massacre. Crown Prince A'tor fled the city with the Crowns who survived and recovered his strength in Stros M'Kai. He then fought back against the Forebears in a bloody civil war that lasted for roughly two years. Sentinel was taken back briefly, but the Forebears signed a treaty with the Empire for their aid in return for holding titles along the southeast border of Hammerfell. The Empire crushed the Crowns but overlooked their end of the treaty and occupied Hammerfell. Volag disappeared the day Stros M'Kai was taken in the Battle of Hunding Bay, and the Forebears became Imperial subjects.[2] After Cyrus started a rebellion in Stros M'Kai, Volag came out of hiding and retook Sentinel. This combined with the rebellion that had occurred on Stros M'Kai resulted in the First Treaty of Stros M'Kai, with terms more favorable to the Redguards and the eventual integration of Hammerfell as a province to the rapidly expanding Empire.[3]