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A Yokudan lion-ibis of Tu'whacca
"You will walk through the Hall of Heroes and find your way to the eternal sands of the Far Shores.
It has been this way and will be this way for all Ra Gada who walk under the watchful eye of Tu'whacca."When We Pass

Tu'whacca (or simply Tuwhacca),[1] the Tricky God, is the Yokudan God of Souls,[2] the God of the Far Shores.[3] Before the creation of the world, he was the god of Nobody Really Cares. When Tall Papa undertook the creation of the Walkabout, Tu'whacca found a purpose: he became the caretaker of the Far Shores, and continues to help Redguards find their way into the afterlife. His cult is sometimes associated with Arkay in the more cosmopolitan, Forebear regions of Hammerfell, where the names Tu'whacca and Arkay are basically interchangeable.[2] Crowns detest this Imperialization, considering it a betrayal of their heritage.[4] Nevertheless, scholars can't help but note the clear similarities between them, as well as the similarities they both share with Xarxes of the Altmer, in both the etymology of their names and the divine roles they fill.[5]

Being an integral part of the Redguard belief system, they have developed many customs related to him. A sneeze may prompt a Redguard to say something like "Tu'whacca bless you", as ancient writings suggest a sneeze is a sign of the presence of an evil spirit.[6] The dead or dying are often referred to with the adage "may Tu'whacca have mercy on [their] soul" or "may Tu'whacca escort [their] soul to the Far Shores".[7][8] When mummifying a body, the first step Redguard priests perform is to consecrate the body with the Blessings of Tu'whacca.[9] Tu'whacca also used to be the patron of mages, though some Redguard scholars would see the patronage as being contemporary. Regardless these mages may adorn their staves with his sacred ibis.[10] Elaborate, oversized ibis-head masks with emerald eyes are worn by priests of Tu'whacca in the March of Wisdom.[11] The black sphynx cats of the Alik'r, dubbed "Tu'whacca's Sphynx Cats", are said to bring the blessing of Tu'whacca to their household. For this reason, they are honored. They have also been observed sleeping with those who near death, giving them a reputation as guides to the Far Shores.[12]


  • As part of a covenant with Tu'whacca, three Ansei warriors sacrificed their souls to create the Ansei Wards - magical relics that prevented even the most powerful necromancers from raising their dead.[13]
  • Throne Keeper Farvad, a priest of Tu'whacca, regularly passed on wisdom that allegedly came from the god himself.[13]


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