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Symbol of the Crowns

The Crowns are what is left of the old ruling class of Yokuda, the Na-Totambu. They can be found mostly in northern and inland Hammerfell and are known for still honoring the ancient Redguard ways.[1][2] Alongside the Forebears and the Lhotunics, they are considered one of the major political parties of Hammerfell.

In the mid-Second Era, the Crowns supported Grandee Zizzeen's claim to the title of High King of Hammerfell, but lost out to Fahara'jad.[3][4] The last High King of the province is considered Thassad II, who was a Crown. During the Common Era, Thassad's son Prince A'tor led the Crowns in a fierce civil war against the Forebears and later the Septim Empire, culminating in their defeat at the Battle of Hunding Bay.