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King Golkarr
Race Orc Gender Male
Born First Era
Died 1E 980
Previous Ruler Torug gro-Igron
Next Ruler Kurog gro-Bagrakh
Resided in Orsinium
A banner representing Golkarr, featuring the seal of Clan Igrun

Golkarr was the Igrun ruler of Orsinium during the great siege in 1E 950. After bolstering his army with fleeing refugees from Hammerfell, he attempted to broaden Orcish holdings. He sought to capture the Bjoulsae River and force the kingdom of Wayrest to provide compensation for its services. Naturally, this did not settle well with their neighboring kingdoms, especially the Kingdom of Daggerfall. King Joile of Daggerfall allied with Gaiden Shinji of the Order of the Diagna and mounted a joint attack on Golkarr's kingdom.[1][2] Eventually, after a 30 year siege, the allied forces breached Orsinium's Smelter Gate and overran the city in 1E 980.[3]

Legend says Gaiden Shinji himself killed Golkarr,[4] however, Shinji himself fell in combat with Baloth Bloodtusk prior to Joile's own death in 1E 973[5][6] and the final sacking of Orsinium in 1E 980.[3] Bloodtusk had initially refused to come and defend Orsinium because he believed Golkarr to have done much to provoke and earn the wrath of the Bretons.[7] Golkarr lived long enough to welcome Bloodtusk's belated support,[6] and was still alive when the duel between (and assassinations of) Shinji and Baloth took place.[8] Golkarr was also a name of a settlement only found on certain maps of Stormhaven.[9]

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