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King Edward
Race Breton Gender Male
Born 1st Era
Died 1st Era
Previous Ruler Corcyr I
Resided in Daggerfall
Crystal Tower
Daggerfall (ESO)

Edward was the legendary King of Daggerfall during the early years of the First Era, amidst the waning years of Nordic control over High Rock. King Edward's legacy has been told through stories that have been passed down as far as the late years of the Third Era,[1] spanning across all of Tamriel. It is shared with his trusted allies, the Witch-King of Ebonheart, Moraelyn and his Companions.[2] His legend has been documented in the historical fiction, King Edward, which circulated in the Iliac Bay. He was a skilled warrior in magic, wielding a mithril staff and the dagger, Dragon's Tooth.[3]


The Story of King EdwardEdit

Edward's life is largely told through the historical fiction, King Edward. According to the stories, he was born in a time before the Redguards migrated to Tamriel and the Third Empire was born, but after the Dwarves were driven out of Hammerfell by the Goblins.[4] He was the son of King Corcyr I of Daggerfall and Queen Aliera of Wayrest. In reality, he was the biological son of King Moraelyn and the Queen. Corcyr did not care for Aliera and vice versa, which resulted in her escape from the castle. Before her departure, the young Edward and Aliera spent time together, but were at times, forcefully separated by the King, causing dismay and sadness between the two. Eventually, Aliera met the Chimer,[Note 2] Moraelyn, who arranged a deal with the King to mine Ebony in the Wrothgarian Mountains. As the two spent more time together, they became infatuated with each other, and when Moraelyn gave the Queen a grim ultimatum, she was forced to leave Daggerfall and Prince Edward behind her.[5]

The Crystal Tower (ESO)

Prince Edward continued to grow up in Daggerfall, under the care of his arrogant father, his step-mother, Roane and his step-brothers. Sometime later, he was approached by Moraelyn and I'ric Harad Egun, Archmagister of the Crystal Tower, to be taken and set on the path of becoming King of Daggerfall. Moraelyn took him to the Summerset Isles, to reunite with Queen Aliera in the treetop-city of Firsthold.[4] For the next several weeks, Edward spent time with his actual parents and Moraelyn's motley crew of companions, where he learned to hunt and live for himself, all the while, inquiring on the companions' many stories and lessons, which in itself gave him much to learn.[6][7]

As time went on, the young prince was brought to the Crystal Tower to be trained by the Archmagister in the ways of Magic, being one of the first Bretons to learn in the tower. Fiery magic came quickly for him but his healing skills were lacking. Edward left the Crystal Tower with Moraelyn, wielding his staff of Mithril.[8] Edward and Moraelyn returned to Aliera and the companions back in Firsthold, for all of them to set forth for Morrowind. Some of their stories were recounted in the historical fiction, such as overthrowing a tyrannical baron of the wilderlands,[9] and uncovering a village of Dragons in the Wrothgarian Mountains near Raven Spring.[10] What became of their trip to Morrowind remains unclear, but eventually, he returned to Daggerfall and became the King after his father. A mountain near the Wrothgarians was named Edward's Mountain in his honor.[11][12]

Later on in life as King of Daggerfall, Edward's reign would endure another Nordic occupation of High Rock. With the help of his long time friend Moraelyn and a mysterious and supposedly incredibly powerful artifact in the Horn of Summoning the two kings were able to repel the Nords from High Rock.[1] On his deathbed, King Edward gave the horn to Moraelyn, who later placed it in the possession of his step-brother, Ephen.[1]


Edward had pale grey eyes and dark hair.[4][5] As a child he was somewhat small for his age.[5] He was said to have been born to King Corcyr I of Daggerall and Queen Aliera of Wayrest, although Aliera's love affair with the Chimer Moraelyn along with Edward supposedly having a somewhat Elven look led to speculation that he was the product of that union instead.[4] If Edward was in fact the son of Moraelyn, this would have made him a blood member of the royal Ra'athim dynasty.


  • ^  The book King Edward was written before the introduction of the Chimer in later game entries. The Chimer would not become Dunmer until around 1E 700, which is after the timeline of the book.

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