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Lore:Aiden Direnni

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Prince Aiden Direnni
Race Altmer Gender Male
Resided in High Rock

Prince Aiden Direnni was a member of the Altmer Direnni Clan.[1] An Altmer folk-hero, he appears in myths as the last king of a heroic line.[2]

Often spoken of alongside his cousins Ryain Direnni and Raven Direnni, Aiden won many battles against the Alessian Empire in 1E 480.[3][4] During this time he reluctantly invoked the Rights Charter, allowing him to conscript his Breton subjects into the war.[5] His crowning achievement was leading Direnni forces to victory against the Alessians in the Battle of Glenumbra Moors in 1E 482, ending their ambitions of conquering High Rock.[6] The Day of Release was celebrated thereafter by the people of Glenumbra to commemorate his victory.[7]

Over three thousand years later, around 2E 582, his broken sword was recovered by the Merethic Society to be displayed in their museum in Greenshade.[8]