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Letters and Missives is a collection of books, letters and notes that make up part of the Eidetic Memory.

Title Author Description Location
A Complaint to the Thalmor
A Reminder from the Judge
Judge Xiven
A Soldier's Letter
Duqaq af-Wazif
A Wealth of Raw Material
Grivier Bloodcaller
Academy's Rejection Letter
Felicitas Mallicius
Aera's Letter to Denskar
Aera's Letter to Tryn
Aera Earth-Turner
Altered Missive
A letter changed to direct an attack against werewolves
An Irate Employer
Archcanon Tarvus Interview
Adjuvant Drumara An interview with the Archcanon
Bothamul's Orders
Bothamul A letter from Bothamul to Atarga
  • At the center of the island due west of Tel Aruhn
Borzugh's Letter
Borzugh gro-Morkul
Come to Vvardenfell!
Del's Claim Report
Lennoon A report to a superior officer
Dismissal Letter
Telenger the Artificer A letter of dismissal
Faculty Application
Colassewen of Firsthold
Foreman's Letter
From Jofnir to Merric
Jofnir Iceblade A letter from Jofnir to Merric imploring him to keep the Earth Forge a secret
Furious Letter
Further Missive from the Mages
The Wayrest Mages Guild
Gjarma's Orders: Supplies
Gjarma Raven-Hair Orders regarding the sourcing of bodies for necromatic purposes
Gjarma's Orders: Wamasu
Gjarma Raven-Hair Orders regarding the transport of a drugged Wamasu
Gjarma's Orders: Yngold
Gjarma Raven-Hair Orders regarding supplies for a ritual
Grigerda's Letter
Methas Andavel
High King Emeric, I Implore You!
Adelil A letter of an ostracized noble
Incomplete Letter
Indal's Letter
Invitation to Morrowind
Canon Llevule An invitation to Vvardenfell
Leave This Place
A letter of warning
Letter from Agnenor
Agnenor Storm-Blade
Letter from Althen
Gerard Althen
Letter from Altholmir
Letter from Bashshi-ra
Letter from Berfonas
Letter from Camarino
Camarino Letter to a quarantined sister
Letter from Dannic
Letter from Duke Nathaniel
Duke Nathaniel Letter from brother to brother
Letter from Gabbi
Gabbi Forestborne
Letter from Gorvyn
Gorvyn Dran
Letter from Gothurg
Letter from Karpu-sa
Karpu-sa Letter to the local leader
Letter from Lady Lleraya
Lady Lleraya Montclair
Letter from Lenwe
Lenwe A letter to a quarantined son
Letter from Magistrix Vox
Magistrix Vox A letter of thanks
Letter from Minique
Letter from Mirudda
Letter from Oleenla
Letter from Peverel
Peverel Stemuseph
Letter from Quintus
Quintus Verres
Letter from Ragna
Ragna Stormcrag A Nord soldier writes to her sister
Letter From Tamien Sellan
Tamien Sellan A parting letter to a disappointed father
Letter from the Orsinium Orphanage
Oorga gra-Shazgul A letter of thanks to an anonymous donor from the Orsinium Orphanage
Letter from Tillrani
Tillrani Snow-Bourne
Letter Home
Filpinil An Altmer soldier's thoughts on his Khajiiti and Bosmeri allies
Letter to Akash
A letter from Canonreeve Oraneth to Akash gra-Mal
Letter to Alma
Dreadlord Naucratius
Letter to Artisans Craftworks
Blivisi Beleth
Letter to Belya
Iocundus Arius
Letter to Calahawn
Letter to Captain Helane
Captain Lerisa
Letter to Captain Lerisa
Letter to Cynhamoth
Sir Cadwell
Letter to Danier
Letter to Edhelfin
Letter to Egranor
Letter to Estre
High Kinlord Rilis A letter of regret
Letter to Evrien
Ufgra gra-Gum
Letter to Fadeel
Mirudda A warning to an associate
Letter to Finia Marcott
Duchess Olivie Delrusc The termination of a friendship
Letter to Geldrion
Letter to Grand Warlord Dortene
Protector Yseline A response to an order to keep the Elder Scrolls for the Daggerfall Covenant
Letter to Grand Warlord Sorcalin
Protector Arfire
Letter to Grand Warlord Zimmeron
Protector Galiel
Letter to Headman Bhosek
Lady Brunwyn
Letter to Herminius Sophus
J. Ithaka A letter warning against an expedition to Makela Leki's final resting place
Letter to Hosni
Lady Sirali at-Tura
Letter to Idirfa
Letter to Jakild
Gabbi Forestborne
Letter to Kathner
Beast Master Weerna
Letter to Laenira
Letter to Laryaril
Letter to Leonce Gavendien
Captain Lagra
Letter to Marina
Niro Gratas
Letter to Mirudda
Letter to Narsis
Ida A farewell note to a lover
Letter to Negaelion
Letter to Ofglog
Letter to Raelynne
Gaston Ashham
Letter to Seyne
Samel Letter to Sergeant Seyne from her brother
Letter to Stelvene Lothaire
Rincous A plea to come back
Letter to Strastnoc
Linele Skullcarver
Letter to Tavo from Nahrina
  • In the tent beside Nahrina, after the quest
Letter to Telenger
Namolelcare A letter of recommendation
Letter to Thalrinel
Letter to the Twilight Mage
Marashi A letter asking for permission of a famous crafter
Letter to Vigrod
Mother Wraithbane
Letter to Wyress Gwen
Wyress Domi A note concerning strange events in Glenumbra
Letter to Zemarek-Thul
Sir Cadwell
Missive from the Mages Guild
The Wayrest Mages Guild
Oblan's Letter
A letter to a raider
Order of the Eye Dispatch
Skaldir A request to the Arch-Mage for help from a member of the Order of the Eye
Private Dispatch (Secret!)
Quaronaldil's Letter
Quaronaldil Duure A letter of apology
Rakamud's Letter
Rats in the Crops
Silat A farmer requests aid with reconstruction
Regarding the "Fists of Thalmor"
Canonreeve Falduil
Rhea's Letter
Shakra's Letter
Shakra A letter to a cousin, sharing news
Sir Edmund's Letter
Sir Edmund
Soggy Note
A Farewell Note
Statuary Complications
Stormhaven Bluster Rejection Notice
The Stormhaven Bluster Editorial Staff A letter from the local media rejecting an advert
Thallik's Orders
Thallik Wormfather Worm Cult orders to raise an army of giants
The Lurching Dead
Solly Gaudet
The Night Mother Watches
The Sharpest Blade
The Three's Petition to the King
The Three Three bandit lords petition for the king's pardon
Thorzhul's Letter
Thorzhul gro-Agluk
To Captain Marck
Krin Ren-dro
To My Reviewer
Falarel the Jester
To the Captain of the Guard
To The Veiled Queen
Sealord Malleroth Of Pyandonea A letter from the Maormer High Command revealing plans to invade Auridon
Unfinished Letter
Unfinished Letter to Summerset
Alanya Softpetals
Wansalen Tunnels
A letter of warning
Zaban's Letter
Zaban A letter of warning