Velyn Harbor
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Skyshards 1
Broken CoastMalabal Tor
North of the Greenshade gate
Other Buildings
Velyn Harbor

Velyn Harbor is a large port town in western Malabal Tor, north of the Greenshade gate. When you first arrive, the city is under attack by two forces, Ra Gada warriors and Drublog Wood Orcs and there are no services available in the city outside of the Outlaws Refuge. You will need to complete the House and Home and One Fell Swoop quests in order to restore normal services.

The gate leading to Greenshade is located to the southwest. The path leading north from the gate passes by the wayshrine, which is down a flight of stairs off to the west, and the stable. The Fighters Guild is located in the center of town, barricaded on the east and west, and only accessible via the northern entrance in the town square. The Smithy of Velyn Harbor encompasses the town square, and is circled to the north by the marketplace, known as Trader's Crescent. The Harbor Customs Hall lies west of the smithy. The bank is on the ground floor, and the local inn is upstairs. The Mages Guild hall is located north of the smithy, and an entrance to the local Outlaws Refuge is leaning against the northern exterior wall.

The residential district is located on the east side of town, across the bridge. Three burned houses are located east of the residential square. Once the invasion has been quelled, an Ox can be found beside the house east of the center of the residential district. A thieves trove is located in that house. Chickens and cats wander the square. The Outlaws Refuge is located on a stretch of land to the south, between the east and western sides of the harbor. A chest can spawn behind a log east of this entrance to the refuge.

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Velyn Harbor Wayshrine

Velyn Harbor Wayshrine is located by the shore southwest of the city



A map of Velyn Harbor