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Southern Niben BasinCyrodiil
Southwest of Drakelowe Keep
Other Buildings
Crafting Stations
  • ON-icon-Cooking Station.png Cooking Fire

Cropsford is a town in southeastern Cyrodiil, southwest of Drakelowe Keep. The town can be captured by gaining control of the three objective flags for your alliance. It is connected via the Transitus Network to Drakelowe Keep. The controlling alliance of Drakelowe also sends their guards through the town, which can result in conflict with the controlling alliance of Cropsford. It functions as a convenient spawn point for the defense of Culotte Bridge and Niben Bridge.

There is an Imperial Legion camp southeast of Cropsford, across the river. It contains a heavy sack and two random legionaries.

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Cropsford AdventurerEdit

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Protected Safe HouseEdit

Cropsford Safe House

The Cropsford Safe House is located on the southeastern side of the town, above the waterfall. The alliance which controls the town can use the Safe House to access the Transitus Network. It is linked to Drakelowe Keep. There is a cooking fire outside the safe house.

ON-mapicon-AvA Flag.png Capture PointsEdit

There are three capture points in Cropsford, all of which must be controlled by the same alliance in order to gain control of the town:

  • Central flag: In the center of the town (three guards)
  • Merchant flag: South of the main road (two guards, and the quartermaster)
  • Outlier flag: Northwest of the farm fields (four guards)

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Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-quest-Book 03.png Cropsford Adventurer 10 Complete all quests in Cropsford.


  • Prior to Update 11, Cropsford was an Explorable Location and used a ON-mapicon-Town.pngTown map marker. It originally provided experience on discovery, but this Discovery XP was removed when the town became an Alliance War objective.
  • Prior to Update 20, the Safe House could be used as a respawn location for the controlling alliance, but was not connected to the Transitus Network.
  • The Outlier Flag was reinforced in Update 20, adding additional guards, as an attempt to bolster its defenses due to being in close proximity to the Niben River.
  • Cropsford also appeared in Oblivion.