South Beacon
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Sea Vipers, Heculoa, Wenyand
Northwest of Vulkhel Guard
Other Buildings
South Beacon

The South Beacon is a lighthouse in southern Auridon, northwest of the city of Vulkhel Guard. It monitored the strait between Auridon and Summerset, but has recently been taken over by Maormer pirates, who are using the beacon to guide raiding ships through Auridon's reefs. Captain Ciranya was responsible for defending the lighthouse and was taken prisoner by the Maormer along with her men as part of their plan to invade Vulkhel Guard.

A view of the cliffs upon which South Beacon is built

Related QuestsEdit

  • South Beacon Objective: Disrupt the Maormer invasion of South Beacon.

South BeaconEdit


During the related quest, Captain Ciranya can be found in one of the large tents on the beach, while a note detailing the Maormer's plans can be found in the other. A copy of How To Prepare Slaughterfish can be found on a crate near the three smaller tents at the south end of the camp.

The Maormer's ship The Briny Shank is anchored at the dock.

Skylight BeachEdit

The beach around the lighthouse itself is where Ciranya and her troop set up camp after you rescue them from the Sea Vipers. A cave around the back of the island has another copy of The Chosen People of Aldmeris inside, along with a master-level chest.

South Beacon LighthouseEdit

The lighthouse itself can only be entered during the related quest. A letter from Maormer High Command reveals that the Sea Vipers are working with the Veiled Heritance. Heculoa and his giant snake Wenyand can be found guarding the door to the Lighthouse Beacon.

Lighthouse BeaconEdit

The brazier at the top of the lighthouse is your final target during the related quest, and you will need to use your Teleport Scroll to escape as the trap door becomes inaccessible.

South Beacon PeopleEdit