Online:Raelynne Ashham

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Raelynne Ashham
Location Underpall Cave
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 320796 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 2.png
Reaction Hostile Class Necromancer
Ashham's Crook of Cyrodiil's Light, Magicka-Imbued Metal Plates
Other Information
Faction(s) Bloodborn
Condition Vampire
Raelynne Ashham

Raelynne Ashham is a Breton vampire leading the Bloodborn found in Underpall Cave. Her brother, Gaston, leads another group in the Ayleid ruin of Lipsand Tarn.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Necrotic Spear
A basic ranged attack that does moderate magic damage.
Summon the Dead
Raelynne summons a Bloodfiend, Skeleton or Zombie to fight. The summon will die if the Raelynne is killed.
Empower Undead
Raelynne channels a buff on a nearby undead (e.g Skeletons, Zombies even Bone Colossus or Vampires) that causes that enemy to do twice the damage and take less damage. This spell appears as a green glow around the hands of the buffed enemy, as well as Raelynne. This spell can be interrupted.
Raelynne summons a Skeleton from a nearby humanoid, non-undead corpse (e.g enemy humanoid NPCs, including Dremora etc.).
Drain Essence
Raelynne drains your life force, dealing high magic damage and restoring her health every 1 second for 3 seconds.