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Book Information
ID 4570
Collection Letters and Missives
Needed for Of Knives and Long Shadows
Found in the following locations:
Order of the Eye Dispatch
A request to the Arch-Mage for help from a member of the Order of the Eye

To the Arch-Mage, on Eyevea,

I pray that this letter reaches you soon, master. My fellow scryers and I have made a shocking discovery. Whether it proves to be a boon or a catastrophe remains to be seen. Alas, we do not wield sufficient power to act on our findings. This matter may be beyond the ken of even the greatest wizards of our age!

I humbly beseech you: meet me at the Mages Guildhall in Mournhold as soon as possible. I will tell you everything when you arrive.

Yours in the Sight of Syrabane,
Docent Skaldir, Associate Scryer of the Order of the Eye