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Vicereeve Pelidil
ON-npc-Vicereeve Pelidil.jpg
Vicereeve Pelidil on Auridon
Race Altmer Gender Male
Died 2nd Era
Abecean Sea
Resided in Mistral
Appears in ESO

Vicereeve Pelidil (also spelled Peledil)[1] was an Altmeri diplomat that served the First Aldmeri Dominion in the Second Era, during the early years of Queen Ayrenn's reign. Vicereeve Pelidil was the advisor of Prince Naemon, Ayrenn's younger brother, but he would later become the leader of the Veiled Heritance, and steal the Staff of Magnus following the death of Prince Naemon in Elden Root.


Vicereeve Pelidil was notably loyal to Prince Naemon, who was originally meant to inherit the throne at Alinor, that was until Ayrenn returned to the Summerset Isles, something that Naemon's entourage had held contempt towards her. But as time went on, Pelidil worked as both Naemon's right-hand man, as well as, an envoy in the Aldmeri Dominion's affairs. In early 2E 582, Pelidil, along with the Silvenar, traveled to the island of Khenarthi's Roost, to negotiate with the local Khajiiti Clanmother, Harrani and the Maormer Ambassador, Ulondil. Unlike his other diplomats, Pelidil did not seek a peaceful resolution but was adamant to rather take the island by force. Pelidil's prejudice against the native races overshadowed his judgment against them, and with the sudden death of the Silvenar, the tension between the representatives had grown.[2]

Eventually, the situation on Khenarthi's Roost was resolved, and he was sent to Auridon, during Ayrenn's pilgrimage to Tanzelwil and Estre's attack across the countryside.[3] He was also present on Elden Root during the controversy surrounding the Khajiiti Embassy, as well as, the ratification ceremony at the Orrery in Elden Root. However, he was not admitted inside the Orrery, and was forced to watch from afar, as Prince Naemon transformed into a vile Ogrim and was killed by an Agent of the Dominion.[4] In his hubris and grief, Pelidil left Grahtwood for the city of Marbruk, where he took the Staff of Magnus from the Mages Guild, and assumed control of the remaining Veiled Heritance.[5]

Pelidil's campaign across Greenshade had begun with an assassination attempt on the Wilderking, which ended in a somewhat failure as the Wilderking was replaced with the Wilderqueen. Pelidil had left for Woodhearth, all the while, in order to root out the Heritance in Woodhearth, well-renowned spy, Razum-dar had coordinated a plan to fake Ayrenn's assassination, taking on her form and waiting for the Heritance to strike. The plan had worked successfully and so the Veiled Heritance was rooted out of Woodhearth. Pelidil's back-up plan was to plan a siege against Woodhearth, and subsequently destroy the province of Valenwood. After the Dominion took control of the Seaside Sanctuary, the final battle against Pelidil took place in the Abecean Sea. Pelidil was ultimately killed during the siege against the Dominion, who were under the command of The Prowler. With Vicereeve Pelidil defeated, the Aldmeri Dominion continued their battle against the remaining Veiled Heritance in Green's Marrow.[6]


Pelidil's battle against the Dominion was not over, as he was able to resurrect Prince Naemon as a Shade. The Shade of Naemon took swift control of Green's Marrow (otherwise known as Northern Greenshade). The Shade was defeated at a final conflict in Hectahame, who attempted to corrupt the Heart of Valenwood. But after the Shade's defeat, and the total corruption of the Heart. The Wood Elf mage, Indaenir sacrificed his life to take the corruption out of it. However, taking pity on him, the God of the Forest, Y'ffre had brought him back to life, and made him into the new Silvenar.[6] Tales of the battle, affectionately known as "The Tale of the Prowler and the Fierce Maormer Sea Serpent," had spread like wildfire across the greater Abecean Sea, becoming popular in the various port-towns. Both the Agent of the Dominion, and the Prowler had become infamous across the land, with many saying that they were surrounded by hundreds of Sea Elves, but the hero was able to beat them with a single punch, and they rode a Sea Serpent that wrecked the Maormeri fleet. The prophetic battle between Pelidil and the Hero was said to have rocked the waters and reshaped the coast.[1]