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Fallowstone Hall
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Quest Hub
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Skyshards 1
Stony BasinThe Rift
West of the Eastmarch gate
Loading Screen
The vaults beneath Fallowstone Hall have long served as a museum and mortuary for the Companions. Immaculate and gleaming with trophies when new, the vaults have recently suffered somewhat from neglect.
Fallowstone Hall

Fallowstone Hall is a fort in the northern Rift, west of the Eastmarch gate.

Related QuestsEdit

Fallowstone HallEdit

Hall of the Dead
Dragon Skull

Fallowstone VaultEdit

Within the tomb are various relics from the past, acompanied by a plaque that describes their history:

Dragon Skull

<A plaque sits beside this enormous dragon skull>
"A trophy from the time of the Dragon War. Said to be from a beast by the name of Dukaanfinsot"

Broken Statue

<A plaque lies at the foot of the statue>
"Ysgramor's much-beloved son, Yngol. He was drawn into the depths aboard his ship, Harakk, during the crossing of the Atmoran Strait."

Bear Skull

<A plaque sits beside the skull>
"The skull of Arteg the Redfang, beast of legend. Slaughtered 15 stout warriors before it was brought down by Companions of Fallowstone Hall."

Broken Display Case

<Sitting beside this empty display case is a small plaque.>
"Icecleaver, the blade of Bron Darkhammer."


Fallowstone Hall Wayshrine

The Fallowstone Hall Wayshrine is located south of the Hall, and west of Shor's Stone.


  • Fallowstone Cave is seen in Skyrim, although it bears no apparent relation to Fallowstone Hall, and is located in a different place.


A map of Fallowstone Vault
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