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Telenger the Artificer
(lore page)
Home City The Hollow City
Location Ezduiin, Stirk, Library of Dusk, Consultants' House
Race High Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild
Telenger the Artificer

Telenger the Artificer is a respected High Elf member of the Mages Guild. Having led various expeditions, he is an experienced researcher and explorer. His hands-on approach to field research often leaves him and his students in need of aid. Later on he will be part of the invasion force heading to Coldharbour and will aid you during your time there.

Telenger is also the author of several books.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit


The Mallari-MoraEdit

Approaching him, you will be giving instructions to Naarcaano:

"When you're done sorting out the relics, you can then begin the translations."

Speaking to him:

"Ah, at last. You must be here with my supplies. Just put the ink and delicate items in the tent here. You can begin unloading the bulk goods with my assistants."
Sorry, I don't have any supplies for you. What are you doing here?
"Truly? This is the last time I trust an order to that Bosmer. It fits, though. Ezduiin has been one disaster after another. First, the spirits. Now the supplies. And to top it off, my top scholar and her team are missing!"
Some people are missing?
"Stars, yes. Andewen and her team are somewhere in the ruins, looking for the Mallari-Mora. They're long overdue.
If you're not here with supplies, perhaps you'd go look for them?"
I'll go look for them.

After agreeing to help him, you can ask him further questions.

"Best-case scenario? They've found the Mora. I don't want to think about the worst-case. Too many variables."
Who are you again?
"What a curious question. But if you insist. I am Telenger the Artificer—renowned genius, author, and explorer.
Ezduiin is my latest endeavor. I will bring futher 
[sic] glory and honor to the Mages Guild!"
Why are you here?
"I've come in search of the Mallari-Mora. I'll present it to the council and reap the rewards."
Mallari-Mora Is that an artifact? / Is that the artifact you mentioned?
"Quite attentive. Yes, the Mallari-Mora is an ancient relic. A talisman. Its power took the lives of everyone here. Cursed their immortal souls."
The spirits have been here ever since?
"No, actually! They weren't here when we arrived. Though it's merely conjecture, I believe someone has rediscovered the Mora.
The disturbance of the talisman has caused the bound dead to stir."
Who is Andewen?
"She used to be one of my prized students. Very accomplished.
She's now a high ranking member of the Mages Guild—the Master of Incunabula. She oversees the Arcanaeum in Skywatch."
What is she doing out here? / What is Andewen doing out there?
"Assisting me, of course. Andewen is a true seeker of knowledge. She may care for her books, but research in the field is her first love."
Incuna—what? / What was that word? Incanbull?
"Incunabula. She oversees research and training. A coveted position. One that most of my students aspire to, but few will obtain."
Aside from Andewen's team, is anyone else out there?
"Yes, now that you mention it. Sirinque, one of my students, said something about freeing the spirits. She's nowhere near as analytical as Andewen.
I think she's down at our forward camp. I'm sure she's fine."

If you already spoken with Andewen, he will either say:

"I pride myself on being a patient mer, but this is borderline absurd."
"I'm quite confident in Andewen. I'm sure she has a good reason for her tardiness."
"I can't wait to examine the Mallari-Mora. Valaste expressed her doubts. But she'll be thrilled when I present it to the council."
"I've been thinking about where I should begin to plan my next dig. Perhaps somewhere in Valenwood?"

Once you have saved the students and retrieved the Mallari-Mora, you can return to Telenger.

"You return. I am almost afraid to ask, but—what news?"
Uricantar is dead. And I have the Mallari-Mora.
"Remarkable. I'm not easily impressed, but you've done it.
And Uricantar disappoints, to the bitter end. Such a waste."
I'm glad I was here to help.
"All that remains is to tend to the wounded. And continue the research. With the Mora in hand and Uricantar dead, Ezduiin will soon be at peace.
I'll see to it."

He will then reward you by giving you the Artificer's Bolt.

If you exit out of the conversation before turning in the quest, he will alternatively say:

"Remarkable. I'm not easily impressed, but you've done it.
Uricantar, on the other hand—what a waste. Truly."
I'm glad I was here to help. (Leads to quest completion dialogue)

If you talk to him right after this, he'll say:

"I can't wait for the chance to present this to the council. With Andewen, of course.
Valaste and I will have much to discuss."

Reaper's MarchEdit

The Arbordawn CultEdit

When you first approach the camp at Falenesti's Autumn Site, you'll hear Telenger and Andewen… discussing things:

Telenger the Artificer: "Nonsense, dear. Just send down one of our most capable assistants."
Andewen: "What about the cult? <Telenger teleports away> You crazy old wizard!"

If you haven't started the quest yet and you approach his projection in front of the Halls of Ichor. If you have not met him before:

"An assistant! Andewen has outdone herself!"

Speaking to him if you have not met him before:

"Ahh, excellent. Andewen has finally sent me a stalwart assistant. We can set to work right away."

If you met him before:

"Ahh, excellent. I sense you coming. It's good to see you again. We can set to work right away."
What do you need help with?
"Well these cultists for one, a Daedric temple for another. There's bound to be intrigue along the way. But come, enter and speak with me!"
The roots won't allow me in.
"Those things. Yes. Very well, first things first. The roots are controlled by corruption stone about the area. Destroy them, loosen the roots, and then we'll talk!"
All right. I'll be back.

Otherwise if you started the quest through other questgivers, destroy the last of the crystals and Telenger's image will appear:

Telenger the Artificer: "Ahh, I felt something happening up here. Well done! Can't wait to see you inside."

Enter the Halls of Ichor and follow his notes to the renowned wizard at the back of the cave:

"Ahh, excellent. I sensed you coming. It's good to see you again. We can set to work right away."
Telenger, why are you still down here?
"Why wouldn't I be down here? It's perfectly safe. Are you worried about the Arbordawn? They're harmless! Of far greater concern are the Daedra. They're the real problem down here. Silly creatures."
Daedra? Where?
"Down in the deeper tunnels. Don't worry, you're here! Actually, your arrival was quite timely. I just finished recording some critical observations on the site. I almost feel bad for Indring here."
"Yes, the leader of the Arbordawn cult. He was very cross with me, shouting and carrying on. So I transformed him into a more manageable little fowl. It will wear off after we've gone, but he's much more pleasant to be around now. Sorry, where was I?"
Something about Daedra?
"Of course! The temple. In my haste to excavate some of the older tunnels with earthmoving spells I uncovered an ancient structure. This whole mess is somewhat … a bit … my fault. But I'm not worried."
What can we do?
"What kind of teacher would I be if you didn't learn something? You'll accompany me down into the temple and we can put an end to … whatever this is. It's through the vinewall on the far side of the main cavern. I'll meet you there!"
I'll see you there, then.

Telenger will vanish and you're left to follow him with your own resources. Find him in the daedra lair:

"There it is! Beautiful isn't it? In its own way."
How do we get inside?
"Now that I've had a moment to examine the ward, it will be a simple ritual to open the doors. However, it will take a few moments to complete. And I expect my efforts will not go unnoticed."
I'll need to protect you, then?
"Just so! I say, you are a learned assistant. Remind me to raise Andewen's guild stipend after this is over. She's truly a mage of great intelligence. Are you ready to begin?"
I'm ready. Let's begin.
Telenger the Artificer: "Be wary, assistant."

Telenger begins to cast his spell:

Telenger the Artificer: "Here they come!"

Fight the first Spider Daedra:

Telenger the Artificer: "Just a few moments more."

And the second and third:

Telenger the Artificer: "Done! Let's get in there."
Telenger the Artificer: "If you'll allow me …."

Telegener will teleport again and enter the temple. Follow him and he'll immediately fall into a trap.

Telenger the Artificer: "Fascinating!"
Telenger the Artificer: "Curse it, I can't use my hands! Assistant, you'll need to free me."

Fight the daedra to release the wizard and the Halls will be unlocked and Telenger will be free. Approaching the depths, you will hear the voice of Mephala beckoning you.

Mephala: "Ahh … Welcome to my web, mortals."
Telenger the Artificer: "Mephala! A Daedric Prince herself in these tunnels! I should have known."
Mephala: "Do be quiet, Artificer. Your companion is far more intriguing."
Mephala: "Come, child. Speak with me."
Telenger the Artificer: "Trust nothing she says, assistant."

Before speaking to Mephala:

"Be very careful how you speak to her, assistant. We're in her web. We need to tread lightly."

After speaking to Mephala, he'll say:

"My, my. So the Arbordawn cult has been spun into Mephala's web. Fascinating. Worrying, to be sure! But fascinating."
What do we do?
"It's clear entering the temple was a poor choice. My enthusiasm for discovery has caused problems like this before. I imagine Andewen would be happy to provide you a list of past occurrences … but I digress. The temple must be resealed!"
What do you need me to do?
"Nothing! Just stand there, assistant. And observe. Using a novel application for hermetic harmonic resonance, I shall completely seal the temple. Airtight, this time, if you will. No allowing Mephala's influence to leak out."
All right, then!

Telenger begins to cast:

Telenger the Artificer: "This should be the work of a moment."
Telenger the Artificer: "Just need to attune this spell matrix …."
Telenger the Artificer: "Mephala! You face Telenger the Artificer! Learn what it means to snare one such as me in your web!"
Mephala: "No! How dare you, mortal?"
Telenger the Artificer: "I am the Artificer, madam! That's why I dare!"

The world goes white and you're back at the camp:

"I believe Mephala's reaction was proof: the temple is sealed. Well done there, I suppose."
You suppose? Isn't that good news?
"Oh, indeed. I'm sure in time the Arbordawn will return to themselves. It's just … it's a shame we didn't discover where the Falinesti have gone. It may have to remain one of Tamriel's great mysteries.
Thank you, assistant!"

After the quest:

"I'm already beginning to plan our next field mission. I'm thinking one of the planes of Oblivion. It's been some time since I perused the stacks in Apocrypha, for example."
What will become of the Arbordawn Cultists?
"Oh, they'll be quite all right. With the Daedric influence removed, they'll return to their old selves very soon. Actually, that's worth studying. I think I'll leave some students behind to observe their behavior."
So what do you think happened to the Falinesti?
"For all we've learned here, the Falinesti Faithful may be a better resource to answer that question. Or, at least, a more entertaining one. Some of their stories are quite fanciful you know."

The Weight of Three CrownsEdit

Telenger and Vanus Galerion

Vanus Galerion will point Telenger out to you as you walk the path to the meeting place. It will quickly become clear that the pair do not get along.

Vanus Galerion: "Wonderful. It's Telenger."

When you approach the snide remarks intensify.

Vanus Galerion: "Here's Telenger the Artificer, himself! Must it always take a crisis to pull you away from your toys, Telly?"
Telenger the Artificer: "Vanus. Your robes smell of failed experiments and your words of failed wit."
Vanus Galerion: "Tell me, Telly, what Dwemer rubbish pit did you crawl out of this week?"
Telenger the Artificer: "You really must learn to respect your betters, old friend."
Vanus Galerion: "Do let me know when one happens by, won't you?"
<Vanus turns away and leaves.>
Vanus Galerion: "I don't have the time or the energy, Telenger, so I'll bid you good day."
Telenger waiting to enter Coldharbour

Telenger will recognize you if you've completed quests involving him in the past. If you speak with Telenger before you head off, he will say:

"I was skeptical about this summit until I heard that you were involved. You've been of invaluable help to me in the past."

If you've never met him, he'll instead say:

"Getting the leaders to cooperate will be no small task. I hope you're up for it."

After the Alliance leaders agree to allow the Guilds to enter Coldharbour, he will be at the front of the crowd waiting for Vanus to open the portal. He will make a prophetic comment the nature of Coldharbour.

"Molag Bal's realm is one of the most dangerous and inhospitable places in all of Oblivion. We must not take this invasion lightly."


Telenger on Stirk

Through the Daedric LensEdit

Though you do not interact with him during this quest, you do observe a projection of his conversation with Lady Clarisse Laurent while they are trapped in the Library of Dusk. Telenger will be trying convince Lady Laurent that they need to escape but Laurent will have started to succumb to the trap's effects.

Telenger the Artificer: "Lady Laurent, we need to get out of here. This place is a trap. Young Raynor has already been caught in its spell."
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Oh, Telenger, let's just stay here. You and I. Forever."
Telenger the Artificer: "No, the glamour has taken you as well!"
Lady Clarisse Laurent: "Come, my dear. Let us find a quiet corner among all these beautiful books."
Telenger the Artificer: "She's lost. Damn! I need to escape before I also succumb to the spell. I'll leave them a note in case the effects wear off."
<The projections of Telenger and Lady Laurent fade.>

The Library of DuskEdit

Once you have entered the Library and freed Raynor Vanos and Lady Laurent, you will need to find Telenger. When you enter the section of the library he was in, you will find that there are multiple copies of him. If you speak with wrong one, the following with happen:

"I'm rather busy right now. Come back later."
Are you the artificer who arrived with the Mages Guild?
"Would you like me to be? I think my imitation of him is nearly perfect, don't you?
But now that you've discovered my deception, you have to die."


"I'm rather busy right now. Come back later."
Are you the artificer who arrived with the Mages Guild?
"No, not even a little. You won't find your artificer. And you'll never leave here alive!"

The fake Telenger will then drop the disguise and attack you as a Dusk Scholar.

When you approach the chamber he was last seen in, you find that he has gone but not after leaving a note. In the letter Telenger says that he locked himself in a vault, so he could remain clear-headed enough to plan an escape. After fighting your way through the library to the vault you can speak with Telenger through the bars of the vault door. He appears to be of sound mind but he has discovered something while in the vault.

"I take it that you are the one who read my note? The spells I placed upon it alerted me that non-Daedra eyes examined the writing.
I do hope that you are a member of the force from Tamriel. If so, I have something to show you."
What have you discovered?
"This vault contains a portal, and the power emanating from it is overwhelming. Something on the other side seeks to pierce the veil of illusion that hangs over this ruined library."
Do you think it's dangerous?
"Hmm. That's inconsequential. Whatever it is, it may serve a purpose in our battle against the lord of Coldharbour. If we can acquire it, then this excursion will not have been a complete waste of time."
You must have some idea what this source of power is.
"I have my suspicions, but I hate to speculate. If you must know, I think it might be one of the fabled Lights of Meridia—the sources of power she used to hurl the Hollow City into Coldharbour.
Come in and we shall investigate further"
Telenger in the Library Vault

Once you have unlocked the vault you can speak with Telenger further.

"Enter the portal and find the source of the power I sense emanating from the other side."
Why do you want me to do this?
"Because I don't completely trust myself. While I have avoided the illusions that trapped the others, I can still feel the pull of the Daedric spell.
Find the power source and meet me at our camp outside the ruins. And take this token, just in case."
What does the token do?
"Once you go through the portal, the token will attune itself to the access point. If you get lost, use the token and it will return you to the portal.
What was once a curiosity that won me fortune and acclaim is now a vital tool in our mission."

With the Teleportation Trajectory Token in hand, enter the portal and retrieve the Light of Meridia located on a floating island. With some unexpected help from King Laloriaran Dynar you will be able to land near the camp where Telenger is waiting for you.

"Welcome back, my friend. Did you find it? Was I right? Was the source of power I sensed one of the fabled Lights of Meridia?"
You were right. I found this on the other side of the portal.
"By the Eight! That crystal! It is a Light of Meridia! It is said that these orbs of power once allowed Meridia to transport an entire city into Coldharbour.
If an agent of Meridia harnesses this power for us, we shall gain a distinct advantage."

Afterwards you can ask him what his immediate plans are.

"With Meridia's Lights, we can turn the tide of this campaign. Kireth said you came from the Hollow City. We shall go there once everyone has had a chance to rest.
Thank you for your help. You know, you remind me of one of my students."
What will you do now?
"Once inside the Hollow City, we'll begin helping with the war effort.
We must test the Lights of Meridia and investigate methods for destroying Molag Bal's Planemeld mechanism. There is always research to do in campaigns such as this."

The Hollow CityEdit

After rescuing him from the Library of Dusk, Telenger can be found in the Consultants' House within the Hollow City. He will be fascinated by the spellwork he experienced within the library.

"For all the years I've spent researching and looking into just how the planes of Oblivion work, I still find my self astonished at every new discovery.
That library for instance—I've never experienced a spell quite like that before."


  • An early name for him in cut content was Talrien the Archivist. He would have originally been in the city of Dusk in Varyllis, toiling in the bowels of the Umbral Tower, studying the histories of Summerset to provide guidance in forging Auri-El's new protective magics.
  • Even if previously met over the course of the Aldmeri Dominion questlines, Telenger won't recognize you when speaking with him at the Library of Dusk.
  • He is quoted in the description for the Meteor Mining customized action.