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Home Settlement Seaside Sanctuary
Location South House
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Bashshi-ra is a Khajiit found at the Seaside Sanctuary while it is liberated by the Aldmeri Dominion. Also known by the title "The Fat Cat", he is the wealthiest merchant in Woodhearth. According to an inquiry report on him, he is under investigation for skooma trading, theft, and extortion among other things.

Related Quests[edit]


"I told the last of your cretins that I was more than adequate for the time being, thank you. I would appreciate some privacy."
I'm with the Dominion. I'm here to rescue you.
"Rescue me? Hah. From fine wine, salted pork and clean skooma before bed?"
You're being held prisoner here, aren't you?
"You do not imprison Bashshi-ra. At best, you attempt to negotiate an appealing outcome. Yes, I was captured along with the others, but as soon as the sack was removed from my head, I bartered my way into a more comfortable situation."
What do you mean?
"A simple promise of gold to fund my captives' efforts in exchange for comfort and security. If they win, I hold to that and keep my position under different rule. If they do not, I am rescued and nothing changes. You see? Bashshi-ra always wins."
[Intimidate] The Dominion is already here. When the fighting starts, you don't think you're expendable?
"What? The battle was never supposed to take place here. The plan was to attack Woodhearth. The Dominion was not supposed to know this was the staging ground. If what you say is true, then Bashshi-ra sees the winning side. I will do as you ask."
I can't leave you here. The Dominion is about to attack and you could be in the crossfire.
"The Dominion is about to attack? Even with us here as hostages? Oh, right, I guess that is why you are here.
Fine. But I need my things before I can go. I can't just leave good wine and pork laying around here. Sea Elves don't appreciate it."
You can't be serious.
"It won't take long! I'll gather the rest of my belongings, if you can pick up my pipe, my wine, and the rest of my meal. If I'm going to be stuck in a Dominion camp for some time, I will at least have something to enjoy."

If you intimidate him, he will leave without question. If you choose the other option, he will ask you to retrieve "Bashshi-ra's Favorite Pipe" from a counter before leaving.


  • Tanek says he worked for the crime boss Bashshi-ra for some time after getting out of prison.
  • He is the author of Letter from Bashshi-ra.