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Thousands of books can be found in Elder Scrolls Online. Most books are included in the collections below, but there are some that are not; a list of all books in the game can be found here.

The majority of books just fill in back story or provide lore material. However, there are a number of different kinds of books, such as skill books, which give a boost to a skill or set of skills; quest books, which are needed (sometimes optionally) to start or progress a quest; style books, which are needed for unlocking crafting styles; and lore books, which are part of Shalidor's Library (see below) and will increase your rank in the Mages Guild. Some books may also reveal locations on your map, or even teach you Alchemy traits.

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Books are divided into collections, which vary greatly in size, and these collections are grouped into three larger libraries:

  • Crafting Motifs: This collection includes all the crafting motifs, which were previously a part of Eidetic Memory.
  • Eidetic Memory: This library lists most of the remaining books, letters and notes not included in Shalidor's Library. The Eidetic Memory is not visible until the Mages Guild questline is complete, but any books read before then will be marked as seen.
  • Shalidor's Library: This is a set of collectible books that appear as glowing purple tomes. Reading them contributes towards the Mages Guild rank, even if you have not joined and unlocked the skill line.
  • Finally, there are some books which are not part of any collections or libraries. These can be found here.

Crafting MotifsEdit

* These styles are currently not visible in the library due to the motifs themselves being available only during limited time period.

Eidetic MemoryEdit

Shalidor's LibraryEdit

Cut BooksEdit

Cut books were planned to be added to the game during development, but were removed before release or were otherwise never made available for players to read.

→ See also: Cut Books

Deprecated BooksEdit

Deprecated books were removed from the game after an update and may not reflect current lore.

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