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The Triad is the name for the alliance of Clavicus Vile, Mephala, and Nocturnal. The three Princes have formed a triad to wage war against their fellow Daedric Princes and reshape Nirn in their own image. As such, this group serves as the main source of conflict for the Daedric War storyline.

The Triad is able to act as it does because these three Princes were not present at the signing of The Coldharbour Compact, an agreement with Sotha Sil forbidding them from directly interfering with Tamriel.

In the Summerset chapter, the cult of followers this triad has attracted is referred to as the Court of Bedlam. These groups, along with a Sea Sload alliance called the Abyssal Cabal, attempt to invade Summerset and Artaeum towards the ultimate goal of unlimited power and remaking Nirn in their image.


Clavicus Vile
Earl Leythen
Earl Tundilwen
Earl of Clavicus Vile
The Triad
Clavicus Vile (Co-Leader)
Mephala (Co-Leader)
Nocturnal (Co-Leader)
Lesser Daedra
Barbas (Clavicus Vile)
Dyzera (Nocturnal)
Herne Ghorev (Clavicus Vile)
Jovval Mortal-Bane (Clavicus Vile)
Keetas the Weaver (Mephala)
Moraz Goldtongue (Clavicus Vile)
Nightmaiden Viriana (Nocturnal)
Night Sister Kamira (Nocturnal)
Webmistress Xoraxia (Mephala)
Generic Daedra
Skaafin (Clavicus Vile)
Shrikes (Nocturnal)
Spiderkith (Mephala)
Court of Bedlam
Earl of Clavicus Vile (Co-Leader)
Earl Leythen (Co-Leader)
Earl Tundilwen (Co-Leader)
Viscount Lelorion
Generic Members
Acolyte of Bedlam


Clockwork CityEdit

Nocturnal's realm - Evergloam
Clavicus Vile's realm - Fields of Regret
Mephala's realm - The Spiral Skein

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