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Something has been killing the residents of Cey-Tarn Keep...
Zone: Summerset
Objective: Cey-Tarn Keep — Help Silurie investigate strange killings inside the keep.
Quest Giver: Silurie
Location(s): Cey-Tarn Keep, The Vaults of Heinarwe
Reward: Greaves of the Insatiable
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Enter the lair of the beast
The garrison at Cey-Tarn Keep has been terrorized by a spate of unusual disappearances and deaths. A monster hunter named Silurie has enlisted my help to stop the killings.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Silurie just outside Cey-Tarn Keep.
  2. Make your way inside the keep and meet up with Silurie.
  3. Follow the Light of Stendarr and investigate the hidden ritual room.
  4. Go to the Refectory and speak with Justiciar Hyircil.
  5. Follow Silurie into the cellar and enter the portal to the Gorge.
  6. Locate Lindafwe and defeat the Insatiable.
  7. Follow Teraniel through the portal.
  8. Locate the Aldmer altar within the Vaults of Heinarwe.
  9. Read The Gorge and activate the altar sconces in the following order: Anima, Ego, Incalescence, and Mortality.
  10. Defeat Teraniel and escape the Gorge.
  11. Speak to Silurie for your reward.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Quest StagesEdit

The Taste of Fear
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Silurie gave me a fake mandate from the Proxy Queen that should get me inside the keep, but I must speak to Lindafwe who is controlling the Divine Prosecution's cordon, and distract her so Silurie can sneak inside.
Objective: Distract Revelator Lindafwe
I was able to distract Lindafwe long enough for Silurie to pass unnoticed and successfully passed myself off as an investigator sent by the Proxy Queen. Now I need to find Silurie and learn our next move.
Objective: Talk to Silurie
Silurie has something up her sleeve to help our search and instructed me to observe her technique.
Objective: Watch Silurie's Spell
Silurie's spell created two orbs of light. While Silurie follows one orb, I must follow the other and learn where it leads.
Objective: Follow the Light of Stendarr
Silurie's orb of light vanished into a solid wall. It may conceal a hidden room. I should check the candelabra and pedestal for a means to open it.
Objective: Examine the Candelabra
I found a hidden room in Cey-Tarn Keep containing signs some sort of ghastly ritual took place in here. This may be where the Daedra was summoned. I should look for clues to confirm my suspicions.
Objective: Examine the Book
Objective: Examine the Desiccated Corpse
Objective: Examine the Smeared Footprints
I found a book speaking of something called "The Insatiable" and signs that its summoning ritual was performed in the hidden room. Silurie will want to see this. I should find her in Cey'Tarn Keep's refectory, like she asked.
Objective: Meet Silurie in the Refectory
Silurie has been captured by Lindafwe, the Divine Prosecution officer I met at the gate, and another Altmer dressed in their uniform. He has beckoned me over to talk.
Objective: Talk to Justiciar Hyircil
Using the evidence I found, I have convinced Hyircil to allow Silurie to lead us on the hunt for the killer. Her trail is leading us to the keep's cellar.
Objective: Explore the Cellar
I must follow Silurie, Hyircil, and Lindafwe as we search for the Daedra in the cellar of Cey-Tarn Keep.
Objective: Follow Silurie
A monstrous Daedra appeared and snatched Lindafwe away through a portal! Silurie, Hyircil, and I must give chase through the opening before she is lost.
Objective: Chase the Insatiable
I arrived in a place that looks similar to the basement of Cey-Tarn Keep, yet twisted and wrong. Silurie and Hyircil have split up to search for Lindafwe, leaving me one final avenue to explore.
Objective: Search the Side Passage
Hyircil was injured in a fight with an unknown assailant. I should check on him and see if he can tell me more about what happened.
Objective: Talk to Justiciar Hyircil
Hyircil's attacker was the summoner of the Daedra stalking Cey-Tarn Keep, but that is a less pressing concern than saving Lindafwe before the Insatiable devours her. He told me Silurie followed them through the door to the wine cellar. I should too.
Objective: Find Revelator Lindafwe
The Insatiable is attempting to devour Lindafwe! I must defeat it to save her.
Objective: Defeat the Insatiable and Save Revelator Lindafwe
With Silurie's help, I defeated the Insatiable and saved Lindafwe. We should leave the lair and plan our next move.
Objective: Meet Your Allies Outside the Lair
The mage who summoned the hunger, Teraniel, escaped into a portal. Silurie asked me to chase Teraniel down while she goes back to rescue Hyircil.
Objective: Pursue Teraniel
When Lindafwe and I exited Teraniel's portal, it closed behind us, trapping Silurie and Hyircil in the Gorge. There must be some way to rescue them. Perhaps Lindafwe will have some ideas.
Objective: Talk to Revelator Lindafwe
Lindafwe believes finding Teraniel will be our best chance of rescuing her friends from the Gorge. As we talked about where to search in this familiar ruin, she felt a ripple of magicka coming from across the bridge before us. We should investigate.
Objective: Find the Source of the Magicka Ripple
I found an ancient Aldmer altar room, but no sign of Teraniel or a portal. I should speak to Lindafwe and see if she knows what we should be looking for.
Objective: Talk to Revelator Lindafwe
Objective: Reverse Teraniel's Attunement Ritual
Objective Hint: Search for Clues Among Teraniel's Books
I successfully undid Teraniel's spell and Lindafwe is creating an anchor of her own.
Objective: Watch Lindafwe
Lindafwe has opened a portal to the Gorge. I need to use it to find Silurie and Hyircil.
Objective: Enter the Gorge
Teraniel is conducting some dark ritual using Hyircil and Silurie as sacrifices. I must stop her and save them both.
Objective: Save Silurie and Justiciar Hyircil
Silurie and Hyircil are safe and Teraniel is dead. Now we must escape the Gorge before Lindafwe loses her grip on the portal.
Objective: Escape the Gorge
☑Finishes quest We are safe, the Insatiable is defeated, and the mage who summoned it is dead. I should speak to Silurie to see where we go from here.
Objective: Talk to Silurie
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