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This article is about the race. For the collectible skin, see Spiderkith (skin).

A female Spiderkith
A male Spiderkith (old skin)
The "Spiderkith Kiss" ability

Spiderkith are humanoid Daedra in service to Mephala, native to the Spiral Skein. Like most NPC enemy types, there are many different classes of Spiderkith and they are often found in complementary groups. They are encountered in Crypt of Hearts II, the Maelstrom Arena,Orsinium, the Cradle of Shadows,Shadows of the Hist and various locations in Summerset. They come in broods, can smell fear and blood, feast on mortals, and can use an attack called the "Spiderkith Kiss" where they project poison on their target. Upon death, they drop Daedra hearts and spider eggs.

Spiderkith come with two different appearances: The ones in older locations tend to wear Daedric style armor, have worn wrinkled navy skin, solid gray eyes, grayish-white hair, and red coloring throughout their bodies, most prominently on their ears, fingertips, thighs, and biceps. The ones in newer zones wear Silken Ring style armor and use the Spiderkith skin, which features red webbed skin, white hair, and eyes that are solid red and/or white.

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Generic Unique
Gloom Wraith
Ibelgast's Broodnurse
Ibelgast's Cauterizer
Ibelgast's Wefter
Marrow Fiend
Mephala's Bonecleaver
Mephala's Shadowspinner
Mephala's Venomblade
Shadow Fang
Shadow Warrior
Shadow Weaver
Spiderkith Archer
Spiderkith Berserker
Spiderkith Broodhunter
Spiderkith Brood Nurse
Spiderkith Broodnurse
Spiderkith Cauterizer
Spiderkith Enervator
Spiderkith Fleshweaver
Spiderkith Huntsman
Spiderkith Shadowstrike
Spiderkith Venifex
Spiderkith Venomblade
Spiderkith Warper
Spiderkith Wefter
Keetas the Weaver
Spiderkith Captain
Spiderkith Elite Enervator
Spiderkith Recluse
Spiderkith Shadow Walker
Webmistress Xoraxia



  • In Update 11, the Spiderkith models were updated to a newer look that matches the skin collectible, though the Spiderkith enemies present in the Crypt of Hearts and Maelstrom Arena still retain their original models. In Update 18 a number of new variations were introduced as part of the Summerset Chapter, and they too use the newer models.
  • The only non-hostile Spiderkith is Gytha-Kitha.