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Fulfill a contract to deliver Jewelry Crafting goods.
Quest Giver: Equipment Crafting Writs Board
Prerequisite Quest: Jewelry Crafting Certification
Reward: Leveled Jewelry Crafter's Coffer
ationInspirationJewelry Crafting Inspiration
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Moderate XP gain
RepeatableRepeatable: Daily
Pristine jewelry seam nodes, a possible reward
I've taken a contract from one of the Writ boards, an agreement to deliver Jewelry to an interested organization.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Complete the contract.
  2. Deliver the goods.
  3. Sign the manifest.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Jewelry Crafting Writs are available to anyone who completes the Jewelry Crafting Certification quest. The quest can be picked off from the Equipment Crafting Writs boards once per day.

Below is a list of Crafting writ boards and quartermaster locations. Master Writs can only be dropped off in the capital city of an alliance. Some cities offer better placement of pick-up/drop-off points, stations and the bank (if needed) - resulting in faster completion of numerous writs. Notable locations are highlighted:

City Zone Pick up
Pick up
Drop off Notes
Abah's Landing Hew's Bane (map) (map) N/A -
Alinor Summerset (map) (map) (map) Both writ boards and the drop-off point close to all crafting stations. All outdoors. Bank a short distance away.
Belkarth Craglorn (map) (map) (map) -
Daggerfall Glenumbra (map) (map) (map) -
Davon's Watch Stonefalls (map) (map) (map) -
Elden Root Grahtwood (map) (map) (map) Most crafting stations are together, but indoors. Master Writ drop-off
Evermore Bangkorai (map) (map) (map) -
The Hollow City Coldharbour (map) (map) (map) Does not have alchemy and enchanting stations until they are unlocked by quests. The Hollow City is a good choice for people who have bounties on Tamriel, as there is no Justice system in Coldharbour.
Marbruk Greenshade (map) (map) (map) -
Mournhold Deshaan (map) (map) (map) Both writ boards and the drop-off point close to every crafting station. Bank is some distance away. Master Writ drop-off.
Orsinium Wrothgar (map) (map) (map) -
Rawl'kha Reaper's March (map) (map) (map) Boards, Crafting Stations, Bank, Drop-off, and even Stables, are some the closest ones together in the game. All near the Wayshrine.
Riften The Rift (map) (map) (map) -
Rimmen Northern Elsweyr (map) (map) (map) Boards and all crafting stations are close together and outdoors, drop-off is a bit further away.
Sentinel Alik'r Desert (map) (map) (map) -
Shornhelm Rivenspire (map) (map) (map) Armor and weapons writ board, the bank and drop-off point all very close to every crafting station. All outdoors. Consumable writ board and stations on the other side of town.
Stormhold Shadowfen (map) (map) (map) Both writ boards and the bank close to every crafting station. Drop-off point a short distance away. All outdoors.
Velyn Harbor Malabal Tor (map) (map) (map) Occupied by hostile Drublog invaders until you complete some quests.
Vivec City Vvardenfell (map) (map) (map) Both writ boards and the bank very close to every crafting station. Drop-off point nearby. All outdoors.
Vulkhel Guard Auridon (map) (map) (map) -
Wayrest Stormhaven (map) (map) (map) Master Writ drop-off located outside northeast exit of Wayrest. Consumable Crafting Writs board located outside Chironasium (south Wayrest)
Windhelm Eastmarch (map) (map) (map) -

The items requested are always one of the following combinations:

  • 2 necklaces
  • 3 rings
  • 1 necklace and 1 ring

The material required to use in crafting is dependent on the characters rank in the appropriate skill and also defines the level of the reward received.

Engraver Amount Material 00000Inspiration Reward Possible bonus
1 4-6 Pewter Ounces 2000 Jewelry Crafter's Coffer I
2 8-10 Copper Ounces 6000 Jewelry Crafter's Coffer II
3 10-12 Silver Ounces 10000 Jewelry Crafter's Coffer III
4 14-18 Electrum Ounces 16000 Jewelry Crafter's Coffer IV
5 25-30 Platinum Ounces 20000 Jewelry Crafter's Coffer V Swift trait jewelry

Turning in the quest:

<A battered coffer of supplies awaits you, a scrap of paper tacked to its side.>
"Your time is our coin, and we just love our coin. Keep up the good work, friend."

Quest StagesEdit

Jewelry Crafting Writ
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
(Different Material Types have different Writs)

This writ is from a trade consortium, merchants passing goods across Nirn. I've been tasked with creating [Amount] Pewter [Jewelry Type] to complete my contract.
This writ is from the military, seeking to keep the troops in Cyrodiil outfitted. I've been tasked with creating [Amount] Copper [Jewelry Type] to complete my contract.
This writ is from a group defending people displaced by fighting across Nirn. I've been tasked with creating [Amount] Silver [Jewelry Type] to complete my contract.
This writ is from the Fighters Guild, seeking help in their fight against the Daedra. I've been tasked with creating [Amount] Electrum [Jewelry Type] to complete my contract.
This writ is from a group of "independent merchants", trading coin for supplies. I've been tasked with creating [Amount] Platinum [Jewelry Type] to complete my contract.
(One of the following will be requested for the Writ)

Objective: Craft Two Necklaces
Objective: Craft One Necklace and One Ring
Objective: Craft Three Rings
Objective: Deliver Goods to the Nearest Writ Quartermaster
☑Finishes quest I've placed my delivery of crafted goods into the crate. All that remains is to sign the manifest and take my reward.
Objective: Sign Delivery Manifest