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Welcome to my hole, where the layout is inconvenient for everyone—myself included. It's not that I want to make anything difficult; it's just that if I don't put things here, I won't see them.

Case-in-point: I moved my to-do list to a sandbox, and I never click on it.

So what do I do here?
  • I write quest walkthroughs.
  • Upload images of NPCs and Places.
  • Create, format and add information to NPC, Place and Quest pages.
  • Write dungeon walkthroughs.
  • Keep our Collections pages up to date.
  • Write lore pages.
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How to Take Good Screenshots in ESO (WIP)

So I Can Find ItEdit

ESO Place Pages I've ReworkedEdit

To Add to LoreEdit


  • Moonshadow Wings Mask: "The Lepidopterans are a sect of Azura cultists who conceal their features with elaborate butterfly masks."


  • Mazza-Mirri's dialogue: The Crossing - "On the edge of eternity Azurah watches over the Gates of the Crossing behind the Lunar Lattice. It is a twilight realm where death's tide reaches the afterlife's shore. Khajiit must pass through it before they reach what waits beyond." (Azurah's Crossing)


  • Haxal's dialogue: In Argonian culture, it's polite to gargle your drink./Eel paste is boiled to make brews; boiling it every morning prevents it from being rancid./Snail-gin is a type of alcohol; Argonian brewmasters are trying to figure out how not to make it kill people when they drink it.
  • Cheemee: Snakes and slugs as food.
  • Phlegmwine: Bond-Guru Topeth (Argonians love it; feasts and phlegmwine are festive)/("The phlegmwine is still bubbling, have some before the bog gasses run dry!")
    Beehuna ("The brewer tells me I drank all the celebration phlegmwine; now he asks coin for more.")
    Weegam ("I am not supposed to tell you, but the neiweets and root-nurses prepared a great feast in your honor. Mmm! I can smell the phlegmwine from here! Hurry and kill the beast so we can celebrate!")
    Jotep-Liurz ("This phlegmwine has just the right amount of skin forming on the top. And the sweetbile trembles ever so slightly in the stomach. Perfection!")


  • Honeymead - Andrathel, Donniel. Coated bowls so the mead doesn't stick to the side and burn, ruining the mead.
  • Trade instead of Commerce - Thaereledh: "We used to trade for most things; Altmer insist on using coin." This line insinuates that the Bosmer formalized a monetary system at the Altmer's insistence.

Aquatic AnimalsEdit

  • Thrassian Ink contraband desc


Molag Bal's Names for ThingsEdit

  • The names in Coldharbour have a purpose.
  • He either has a sense of humor or is so self-absorbed he can't see beyond his very flat nose holes.
  • Why is this place called the Orchard? Just another of Molag Bal's clever witticisms, I suppose. It's an orchard from which he plucks the fruit of his vampiric creations. Or something poetic and disturbing like that. Vanus Galerion
  • Do you know why they call this hole in the ground the Tower of Lies? I assumed Molag Bal was trying to be funny. It's really just a deep pit, so the tower is a lie. Get it? A lie? No? Neither did I. But maybe there used to be a tower here once. That probably makes more sense.