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I take a lot of screenshots. And I also know a lot of stuff that probably classifies as useless information to anyone who's unfamiliar with ESO. If you need something done to an ESO article, I'll probably have some sort of information to add.

I do people pages, place pages, NPC pages, collections pages and lore pages. I'm currently setting out to get images of every NPC in ESO that doesn't already have one.

It's slow going, but I've also made it my mission to document every single place in ESO as I go through them. If you have information or images to contribute to place pages, please add them. Every little bit helps, and it's one less image I have to upload or one less bit of information I have to remember.

So what do I do here?

  • I write quest walkthroughs.
  • Upload images of NPCs and Places.
  • Create, format and add information to NPC, Place and Quest pages.
  • Write dungeon walkthroughs.
  • Keep our Collections pages up to date.
  • Write lore pages.

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How to Take Good Screenshots in ESO

So I Can Find ItEdit

ESO Place Pages I've ReworkedEdit

To Add to LoreEdit

Molag BalEdit

Discrepancy: Is he the First or Third corner?

  • Third Corner Evidence: Events of Molag Bal of the House of Troubles in Morrowind, and the spells rewarded during the quest: Command of the Third Corner and Blessings of the Third Corner
  • First Corner Evidence: 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 12


  • Moonshadow Wings Mask: "The Lepidopterans are a sect of Azura cultists who conceal their features with elaborate butterfly masks."


  • Mazza-Mirri's dialogue: The Crossing - "On the edge of eternity Azurah watches over the Gates of the Crossing behind the Lunar Lattice. It is a twilight realm where death's tide reaches the afterlife's shore. Khajiit must pass through it before they reach what waits beyond." (Azurah's Crossing)


  • Haxal's dialogue: In Argonian culture, it's polite to gargle your drink./Eel paste is boiled to make brews; boiling it every morning prevents it from being rancid./Snail-gin is a type of alcohol; Argonian brewmasters are trying to figure out how not to make it kill people when they drink it.
  • Cheemee: Snakes and slugs as food.
  • Phlegmwine: Bond-Guru Topeth (Argonians love it; feasts and phlegmwine are festive)/("The phlegmwine is still bubbling, have some before the bog gasses run dry!")
    Beehuna ("The brewer tells me I drank all the celebration phlegmwine; now he asks coin for more.")
    Weegam ("I am not supposed to tell you, but the neiweets and root-nurses prepared a great feast in your honor. Mmm! I can smell the phlegmwine from here! Hurry and kill the beast so we can celebrate!")
    Jotep-Liurz ("This phlegmwine has just the right amount of skin forming on the top. And the sweetbile trembles ever so slightly in the stomach. Perfection!")


  • Honeymead - Andrathel, Donniel. Coated bowls so the mead doesn't stick to the side and burn, ruining the mead.
  • Trade instead of Commerce - Thaereledh: "We used to trade for most things; Altmer insist on using coin." This line insinuates that the Bosmer formalized a monetary system at the Altmer's insistence.

Aquatic AnimalsEdit

  • Thrassian Ink contraband desc