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Welcome to my hole.

So what do I do here?
  • I write quest walkthroughs.
  • Upload images of NPCs and Places.
  • Create, format and add information to NPC, Place and Quest pages.
  • Write dungeon walkthroughs.
  • Keep our Collections pages up to date.
  • Write lore pages.
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An urgent two-man job for me:
Online:Volek House generic NPCs

Captain Gorblad gro-Yashna vs Captain Gogbag gro-Yashna

Online:Ogre Gatekeeper Vateshran Hollows needs an image

Online:Stonekeeper Style images, dig for them

Blank, Patch Notes The Elder Scrolls Online v7.0.2

Self-made "templates" for ESO:
Excessive location amount health table

For my use in the MWOP:
Morrowind:Leveled Ingredients Lists, Morrowind:Leveled Lists, a completed place page, a complete non-relevant NPC page, empty non-relevant NPC template, empty place page template
Category:Morrowind-NPCs-by-Race, Racial "this character knows no spells" blurbs for MW

I take screenshots.

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So I Can Find ItEdit

Other Sandboxes:


Collections projects

To-do for ESO general:

  • New objective for ESO: No NPC left behind. Every unique non-hostile NPC must be on a People page. Every generic NPC must be on the Generic NPCs page as well as the descriptive paragraphs for whichever location in which they reside. Every hostile NPC must be located in the Occupants section of some Place page.
  • In lieu of this: Lore People Orphans List (do NOT add proper links to the NPCs listed here: search for them in the search bar instead with their namespace prefix attached.)


Categories to remember
  • Online-NPC Story Images
  • Online-Enemy Skill Images
Templates that might come in handy
  • Template:Old Image
  • Template:Multiple Images

ESO Place Pages I've ReworkedEdit

To Add to LoreEdit

ESO's Deadlands DLCEdit

Refs are going to be commented out. When the DLC comes out: if any visitors to my userpage want to add the ESO Deadlads DLC tidbits to any lorepage (even if it's not the one I specified in my notes for the bullet point), feel free to edit this page to retrieve the hidden reference. It's all formatted for you, on the off chance somebody happens upon this list and feels compelled to add something to lore.

  • Lore:Alcohol: spiced dreamwine.
  • Lore:Fargrave: The Shambles is the dangerous part of town. Fargrave law.
  • Lore:Spiderkith: "While the Spiderkith don't require nourishment to survive, it is in their nature to hunt and kill, and Shaermeta's beloved spiders must be fed."


  • Lorkrata Ruins: These underground halls were built early in the First Era by King Berthulic, ruler of one of the first free Breton kingdoms after the decline of the Direnni Hegemony. The halls were said to be haunted by the prisoners slain here in the Purge of the Wyrd-Hags in the Year of Sun's-Death.


  • "Abba" may be the Nedic word for "storyteller".
    from Tales of Abba Arl: The Fat Mother: "When Abba finished his tale, the children smiled great smiles and asked the Abba for a big gob of honey from the Fat Mother."


  • Gold-Plated Honeycomb


  • Gold Orchids - Goldtips Bronzer
  • Ghost Orchids -


  • The ibis is sacred. - Grandee's Alabaster Auspice Ibis

Soul MagicEdit

The act of having one's soul torn from them is painful: it's just as painful for the soul to be reinserted.{{ref|[[Online:Gasteau Chamrond|Gasteau Chamrond]]'s dialogue during [[Online:Mind of Madness|Mind of Madness]] in [[Online:ESO|ESO]]}}


  • Yagrum Bagarn on Hanging Gardens: "Yes, this book is written in both Aldmeris and in Dwemer. Many books were written in both languages in the days of Resdayn when Dunmer and Dwemer ruled together peacefully. I'd offer to translate, but this is really just a boring travel guide. If you find any other books in Dwemer, I could translate them for you."
  • Golden Writing Pen
  • Great House Body Razor
  • Guar Roast Serving Platter
  • Guar Tallow Candle
  • Guar Tooth
  • Guar-Mount Riding Crop


  • Greef or Teef Scorecard
  • Forsaken Sacrifice Body Markings: Remote communities still tattoo exiles with markings similar to those that Giants wear to signify that person is free for the Giants to take.


  • Online:The Gray Host: Fennorian notes that some necromantic rituals require elderly corpses. One theory states that the older a living thing becomes, the more necrotic energy it naturally acquires. Necrotic energy is a byproduct of a mortal's body deteriorating.


  • Moonshadow Wings Mask: "The Lepidopterans are a sect of Azura cultists who conceal their features with elaborate butterfly masks."


  • Mazza-Mirri's dialogue: The Crossing - "On the edge of eternity Azurah watches over the Gates of the Crossing behind the Lunar Lattice. It is a twilight realm where death's tide reaches the afterlife's shore. Khajiit must pass through it before they reach what waits beyond." (Azurah's Crossing)



  • Honeymead - Andrathel, Donniel. Coated bowls so the mead doesn't stick to the side and burn, ruining the mead.
  • Trade instead of Commerce - Thaereledh: "We used to trade for most things; Altmer insist on using coin." This line insinuates that the Bosmer formalized a monetary system at the Altmer's insistence.

Aquatic AnimalsEdit

  • Thrassian Ink contraband desc


Molag Bal's Names for ThingsEdit

  • The names in Coldharbour have a purpose.
  • He either has a sense of humor or is so self-absorbed he can't see beyond his very flat nose holes.
  • Why is this place called the Orchard? Just another of Molag Bal's clever witticisms, I suppose. It's an orchard from which he plucks the fruit of his vampiric creations. Or something poetic and disturbing like that. Vanus Galerion
  • Do you know why they call this hole in the ground the Tower of Lies? I assumed Molag Bal was trying to be funny. It's really just a deep pit, so the tower is a lie. Get it? A lie? No? Neither did I. But maybe there used to be a tower here once. That probably makes more sense.

Names I found in the lang fileEdit

Near Dragonhold NPCs:

  • Adanzda Zabusihr
  • Xthon the Blighthive
  • J'mhur the Resilient
  • Terrorblight Ravager
  • Tormented Vestige
  • Maelbaz the Frigid Terror
  • Torchbug of the Wyrd (near Spectral Senche-Tiger, Ogre, and a bunch of other animals)
  • Elder Scroll of Akhat - "87370069","0","18059","14572848"