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Tags and thingsEdit

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Things Talyyn works onEdit

Adding what dialogue they can to the ESO character pages. Then getting annoyed when their screenshots have somehow failed to save and thus ending up missing dialogue.

Current and CompletedEdit

  • Daggerfall Covenant quests and characters. (Bangkorai main storyline completed)
  • Got sidetracked by Murkmire release and have been transcribing character dialogue, quests adding pictures etc.
  • Completed most of the dialogue, though it is missing alternate choices and things like race specific dialogue.
  • Started Coldharbour storyline. Also going back and filling out dialogue from side quests from old screenshots.
  • Coldharbour Storyline completed + God of Schemes, dialogue added. The following are the choice made, so others know what bits may be missing.
  • Note:Completed using Daggerfall Covenant Character. Probably needs Pact/Dominion characters to talk to everyone during storyline for faction-specific dialogue.
  • Sacrificed Lyris Titanborn during quest accidentally :( — epilogue dialogue from this outcome is completed. Still need Sai Sahan's sacrifice epilogue to be completed/verified.
  • Choices Made:
  • Currently: Trying to record the various Thieves Guild dialogues you hear in the Den. Realized that some of it is locked behind progress and won't show up once you progress to certain points in storyline. Also deciding where to go next on this character, might start Cadwell Silver.