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Gonfalon Bay
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High Isle
Southern High Isle
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Gonfalon Bay

Gonfalon Bay is a city located on High Isle, on the southern end of the island. Systres Guards patrol the streets. The crafting stations are all inside Bayside Artisans, southwest of the wayshrine. You can pick up Equipment and Consumables crafting writs in this plaza. A monolithic statue of Bendu Olo called the Colossus overlooks the town from the bay. Gonfalon Bay's Event Exchange is located outside the city's northeastern gate.

Related QuestsEdit

Daily QuestsEdit

Delve quests given by Wayllod.

Group boss quests given by Parisse Plouff.

Volcanic Vent quests given by Druid Peeska.

Tales of Tribute quests given by Kishka the Broker

Tales of Tribute quests given by Marunji the Broker

Shops and ServicesEdit

Crafting Stations

Other PlacesEdit


Gonfalon Square Wayshrine

The Gonfalon Square Wayshrine is located in the heart of the city.



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