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All over Morrowind, the landscape is dotted with caves and dungeons. Small and large, natural and artificial, the bewildering variety is only matched by the equal variety of their inhabitants. Some are the homes of hermits: some are largely empty, with only Morrowind's wildlife present: others, the hideouts of bandits, slavers or smugglers: and many have been taken over by the Sixth House cult. The only way to find out is to explore...

Abanabi — A cave located on an island southwest of Sadrith Mora and northeast of Tel Fyr. (map)
Abernanit — A small cave located at the center of the peninsula southeast from Gnaar Mok. (map)
Abinabi — In the northwestern section of the Ashlands. (map)
Adanumuran — Located up the road north of Pelagiad and against the hills next to the northwestern shore of Lake Amaya. (map)
Addamasartus — A small slavers' cave immediately to the northeast of Seyda Neen. (map)
Aharnabi — A small cave located just south of the Shrine of Azura, on the far southeastern point of Vvardenfell's mainland. (map)
Aharunartus — A small slaver hideout, located on a remote island a good way west of Seyda Neen, past the peninsula. (map)
Ahinipalit — A bandit cave, located along the coast of the mainland and on the peninsula northwest of Tel Fyr. (map)
Ainab — Located on a small island north of the Zergonipal Daedric shrine and just off the coast. (map)
Ainat — A small bandit cave, located on the eastern shore of the mainland, and directly west of the Holamayan Monastery. (map)
Ansi — A bandit cave on the southern end of the big island directly east of the Palace in Vivec. (map)
Ashanammu — A small cave just off the road directly outside the Caldera Mine. (map)
Ashinabi — A smuggler's cave on a peninsula west of Gnisis. (map)
Ashirbadon — A small cave on the first island east of Bal Fell. (map)
Ashir-Dan — A small smugglers' cave to the east of Khuul. (map)
Assarnud — A cave just to the east of Gnisis. (map)
Assemanu — A Sixth House cave in the Bitter Coast, on a small island west of Vivec's Hlaalu Canton. (map)
Assu — A small cave near Mount Kand and home to the Staff of Magnus. (map)
Assumanu — A cave southeast of Ald Redaynia and northeast of the Urshilaku Camp. (map)
Bensamsi — A cave that has been taken over by the Sixth House. (map)
Beshara — A cave east of Vivec's Telvanni canton. (map)
Cavern of the Incarnate — A holy place dedicated to Azura in the northern Ashlands. (map)
Corprusarium — A series of caverns beneath Tel Fyr. (map)
Dubdilla — A cave containing daedra way south of Tel Vos. (map)
Dun-Ahhe — A medium-sized cavern located in the northeastern corner of the Ashlands. (map)
Ebonheart, Underground Caves — A set of caves underneath Ebonheart occupied by Furius Acilius, a deserter from the Imperial Legion. (map)
Habinbaes — On the northern edge of the island of Sheogorad, west of Dagon Fel and over a river. (map)
Hassour — A Sixth House cave in the Ascadian Isles, southwest of Fort Moonmoth in the Foyada Mamaea. (map)
Hinnabi — A slaver hideout located on the island north-northwest of Bal Fell, east of Vivec. (map)
Ibar-Dad — A small cave just to the west of the Assurnabitashpi Daedric shrine, not far from the Urshilaku Camp. (map)
Ilunibi — A Sixth House cave in the West Gash, on a small island north of Gnaar Mok near Khartag Point. (map)
Kora-Dur — A cave inhabited by the unique daedroth Menta Na. (map)
Kudanat — A small slaver hideout, west of Caldera, past the entrance to the Caldera Mine. (map)
Kumarahaz — A bandit cave northeast of Tel Branora, and a little east of the Abebaal Egg Mine. (map)
Kunirai — A bandit cave north of Telasero and east-northeast of Suran, in the Molag Amur region. (map)
Maba-Ilu — An isolated rogue sorcerer's cave on the south shore of the peninsula east of Molag Mar in the Azura's Coast region. (map)
Mallapi — A cave to the northeast of Gnaar Mok. (map)
Mamaea — A Sixth House cave in the West Gash, high on a hill west of Dushariran. (map)
Mannammu — A smuggler's cave just outside of Pelagiad. (map)
Maran-Adon — A cave in the northeastern Ashlands. (map)
Masseranit — A smuggler's den located on the first large island southwest of Molag Mar. (map)
Mat — A cave just north over the hills from Gnisis. (map)
Milk — A cave west of the northernmost point of Ald'ruhn and south of Bal Isra. (map)
Minabi — A medium-sized bandit cave directly south of the stronghold Telasero in the Azura's Coast Region. (map)
Missamsi — A Sixth House base northeast of Moonmoth Legion Fort. (map)
Mount Kand, Cavern — A cave at the foot of Mount Kand, north of Molag Mar. (map)
Nallit — A small cavern located in the Grazelands on an island northwest of Tel Aruhn. (map)
Nammu — A small cave in the Grazelands region to the west of Tel Aruhn. (map)
Nissintu — A small smugglers' cave in the Molag Amur region. (map)
Nund — A small smuggler's cave east of Vivec. (map)
Odaishah — A small, isolated cave in the Ashlands region. (map)
Odibaal — A small bandit cave located at the base of the Ashlands western mountain range. (map)
Odirnamat — A small smuggler's cave southeast of Dagon Fel. (map)
Palansour — A cave in West Gash containing daedra and a sad sorcerer, Inwold. (map)
Panat — A small slaver hideout north of Pelagiad. (map)
Pinsun — A smuggler cave south of Vos. (map)
Piran — A small Sixth House base east of Marandus in the mountains of Molag Amur. (map)
Pulk — A small bandit hideout in the Grazelands southeast of the Zainab Ashlander camp. (map)
Punabi — A small sorcerer's cave north of the stronghold of Marandus. (map)
Punammu — A small smuggler's cave east of Pelagiad. (map)
Punsabanit — A bandit cave southeast of Dagon Fel. (map)
Rissun — A small Sixth House cave on a tiny island east of Bal Fell. (map)
Salmantu — A medium-sized Sixth House base located on a peninsula just north of Holamayan. (map)
Sanabi — A small isolated bandit cave deep in the Ashlands mountain range, far east of Caldera. (map)
Sanit — A medium-sized Sixth House base on the northwestern Grazelands near the coast. (map)
Sargon — A cave in the middle of the long island to the north of Valenvaryon. (map)
Saturan — A small bandit cave located over the hills to the northeast of Suran. (map)
Sennananit — A cave that has been taken over by the Sixth House. (map)
Sha-Adnius — A small slavers' cave on the western edge of the Foyada Bani-Dad. (map)
Shal — A small cave north of Hla Oad on the west coast of Vvardenfell. (map)
Shallit — A bandit cave on a small island to the east of the Dunmer Stronghold Rotheran. (map)
Sharapli — A Sixth House base just over the mountains east of Ghostgate. (map)
Shurinbaal — A small smuggler's cave in the swamp directly southwest of Gnaar Mok. (map)
Shushan — A small slaver's cave just a short distance southwest from Uvirith's Grave in the eastern Molag Amur region. (map)
Shushishi — A bandit cave over the hills to the east of Caldera. (map)
Sinsibadon — A small slaver's cave on an island directly east of Ald Sotha. (map)
Subdun — A Sixth House cave in the West Gash, on a small island just south across the sea from Koal Cave. (map)
Sud — A small, well fortified Necromancer's cavern in the northwest corner of the main Sheogorad island. (map)
Surirulk — A small bandit cave located just northeast to the Dunmer stronghold of Rotheran. (map)
Tin-Ahhe — A small smugglers' cave in the northeastern Ashlands. (map)
Tukushapal — A hidden cavern located within the Marvani Ancestral Tomb. (map)
Ulummusa — A tiny cave cut into the corner of the hills just northwest of Pelagiad. (map)
Urshilaku Burial Caverns — A burial site some way to the south and a little to the east from the Urshilaku Camp. It is northwest from Falasmaryon (map)
Yakanalit — A small slaver hideout on an island northeast of Bal Fell. (map)
Yakin — A Sixth House cave in the Grazelands, on the mainland coast northwest of Tel Aruhn. (map)
Yasamsi — A small bandit cave south of Hla Oad on the Bitter Coast. (map)
Yesamsi — A small Necromancer's cave east of Ald Velothi. (map)
Zainsipilu — A small bandit cave southeast of Hla Oad. (map)
Zaintirari — A small bandit hideout east of Uvirith's Grave in the Molag Amur region. (map)
Zanabi — A cave directly westwards over the hills from Balmora. (map)
Zebabi — A small slaver's cave located south of Tel Fyr along the coast, in the Molag Amur Region. (map)
Zenarbael — A small isolated bandit's cave in the Molag Amur region. (map)