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Console Location Code(s)
Sheogorad, [-1;20]
The entrance to Sargon

Sargon is a cave in the middle of the long island to the north of Valenvaryon.

This cave is the hideout of the murderer Nerer Beneran, on whose head the Fighters Guild has a contract and bounty, and his gang of outlaws.

Sargon is riddled by numerous secret underwater passages. The one that starts at the bottom-right of the first pool you see after entering Sargon leads directly to Nerer; go down the stairs and descend into the pool. Follow this underwater passage all the way to the absolute end (use some form of Water Breathing). You will need levitation to reach the high ledge leading into Nerer Beneran's hiding place.

Related QuestsEdit

Fighters GuildEdit


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Dalmil Varen   Dark Elf Witchhunter 16 99 196 0 90
Gavesu Arelas   Dark Elf Warrior 17 187 106 0 90
Llero Lloran   Dark Elf Knight 16 155 112 0 90
Milynea Andrethi   Dark Elf Barbarian 15 142 102 0 90
Nerer Beneran   Dark Elf Knight 19 175 120 0 90 Fighters Guild quest to kill him.
Raynila Aryon   Dark Elf Healer 18 102 118 0 90
Varon Sadralo   Dark Elf Crusader 18 169 118 0 90
Varvsa Athram   Dark Elf Bard 15 115 162 0 90


  • Nerer Beneran himself is wearing an ebony cuirass and some bonemold pauldrons. Submerged in the cave behind him is an iron cauldron containing some loot.
  • This cave is cut up by waterways, some of which lead to caves which are otherwise inaccessible. One such cave contains a chest with a lot of gold and a random Silver weapon, and a Greater Soul Gem lying beside the chest, guarded by a Skeleton Champion.


Sargon, interior map