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Console Location Code(s)
Sheogorad, [8,19]

Shallit is a bandit cave on a small island to the east of the Dunmer Stronghold Rotheran.

The entrance to Drethan Ancestral Tomb
The interior of the cave

The cave is right at the water front, hidden behind some rocks. Shallit is the home of a gang of outlaws led by Rels Tenim, whose head is wanted by Hrundi of the Fighters Guild.

The cave itself is fairly small but deceptive. Casual examination at ground level leads to a subterranean door that connects to the Drethan Ancestral Tomb, populated by a few undead led by the terrible vampire Marara. A scribbled note informs you of the uneasy deal the bandits made with the vampire, but you'll have to find them.

Look up around until you see the ledge that can only be reached by levitation. The gang is hiding there, with Rels Tenim himself in the last room. Conveniently, there are a couple of Bargain Rising Force potions among the crates between the large steps and the adjoining Drethan tomb.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Brevasu Heran   Dark Elf Warrior 16 174 104 0 90
Giden Nelvilo   Dark Elf Witchhunter 12 83 170 0 90
Muvrulea Daryon   Dark Elf Barbarian 15 142 102 0 90
Rels Tenim   Dark Elf Knight 18 175 120 0 90
Vilval Relvani   Dark Elf Crusader 16 155 112 0 90

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Map of Shallit (and Drethan Ancestral Tomb)