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# of Zones 2
Ash Creatures, Dreamers, Rats
Console Location Code(s)
West Gash, [-11,8]

Subdun is a medium-sized Sixth House cave located on a small island just south across the sea from the Koal Cave.

Subdun, Shrine

The entrance to Subdun is in the crescent-shaped bay of the tiny island. The shrine is led by the dangerous unique ash ghoul Dagoth Draven, who has been casting his malign influence as far away as Khuul, Ald Velothi, and Maar Gan. Destroying him will free three Sleepers in those towns and stop them from having horrible, obsessive dreams about the Sixth House. The entry area only has a few rats and leveled ash creatures. As you enter the small Shrine room, you're attacked by two dreamers. At the far end is Dagoth Draven.

Related QuestsEdit

Dagoth Draven

Main QuestEdit


  • Killing Dagoth Draven will wake the following Sleepers: Assi Serimilk (Maar Gan), Vireveri Darethran (Ald Velothi), Endris Dilmyn (Khuul). Talk to each of them afterwards for 1 Reputation point.
  • There is a trapped chest with gems and two urns with scrolls and ingredients on a ledge off the lava chamber to the right of the entrance (only accessible by levitation).
  • There is a Dead Body in the southeastern end of the entrance area, up a ramp.
  • There's another chest with a few enchanted arrows on the southwestern end, at the pool with the rats.
  • Dagoth Draven is a merchant, though he has nothing to sell and no gold with which to buy anything. However, he does offer repair services at base-cost, which you can take advantage of if you sneak up on him or cast Calm to stop him from attacking you.
  • In the trough at the shrine is the Sneak skill book 2920, Last Seed, clothing, jewelry, and a few levitation potions.


Subdun interior map
Subdun Shrine interior map