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# of Zones 1
Bandits, Nix-Hounds
Console Location Code(s)
Ashlands, [-5,8]

Odibaal is a small bandit cave located at the base of the Ashlands western mountain range.

The interior of the cave

The cave is situated to the south and west of Bal Isra, between there and Ald'ruhn, off the main road leading to Maar Gan.

There are four foes here, none particularly tough. Dandynea Rothalen carries the Odibaal Outlaw's Key, which opens a locked (5) old gate leading to two other bandits. The Security skill book Surfeit of Thieves lies on the floor of the highest platform in the area past the old gate.

The crates within are mainly filled with pottery and small amounts of gold.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Dandynea Rothalen   Dark Elf Bard 1 35 100 0 90
Daynasa Tharen   Dark Elf Barbarian 2 47 82 0 90
Duldresi Senim   Dark Elf Healer 3 43 84 0 90
Ulvon Uleni   Dark Elf Witchhunter 6 59 132 0 90