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Morrowind:Urshilaku Burial Caverns

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Urshilaku Burial Caverns
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# of Zones 7
Console Location Code(s)
Urshilaku, Astral Burial
Urshilaku, Karma Burial
Urshilaku, Laterus Burial
Urshilaku, Fragile Burial
Urshilaku, Kefka Burial
Urshilaku, Kakuna Burial
Urshilaku, Juno Burial
Ashlands, [-3,16]
Urshilaku Burial Caverns

Urshilaku Burial Caverns is a burial site some way to the south and a little to the east from the Urshilaku Camp. It is northwest from Falasmaryon

These are the ancient burial grounds of the Urshilaku Ashlanders, dating back to when Vvardenfell was first settled by the Chimer.

The entrance is labeled "Urshilaku, Astral Burial" after the first of the seven caverns therein. The Caverns are significantly larger than most of the tombs scattered throughout the island and, as usual, filled with Undead. There is also a significant amount of loot, probably more than can be carried in one load.

The caves themselves are split into seven sections:

Urshilaku, Astral Burial is the entrance section and fairly straightforward - a long corridor containing leveled Skeletons and Rats, with a door at the end leading to the next section.

Urshilaku, Karma Burial is the second section. A short corridor leads to a large water-filled chamber, both populated by skeletons. In a chamber off to the left is the door to the next area.

Urshilaku, Laterus Burial is a very high chamber a with very narrow stone bridge spiraling up past four separate exits to various burial chambers. A central pillar houses several mummies, and several more are dotted around alcoves at the very top of the chamber. Many of these mummies are holding some pretty good loot in their hands, but levitation or fancy footwork may be needed to get most of it. Close to the top on a hidden ledge is a Wizard's Staff, reachable only by Levitation, and another levitation or acrobatics necessary ledge with a pair of Glass Greaves. Around the base spiral are Mummies holding the light full helm "Demon Helm", the Restoration skill book The Four Suitors of Benitah, and the two-handed Glass Claymore "Magebane".

Urshilaku, Fragile Burial is the first door you get to when following the stone paths up from the bottom of Laterus. In front of you are two pillars with mummies on top--don't worry, there's nothing to obtain on those ledges. To the left is an Ancestor Ghost guarding the Enchant skill book, Feyfolken I. You can read this by jumping and clicking, if you want to spare the levitation. Next to the book is a Bone Charm amulet. To the right of the entrance are two leveled Skeletons and another Ancestor Ghost. Directly ahead of the entrance, underneath the water, is a locked (10) and trapped door leading to a third room guarded by the unique Worm Lord, who, in addition to casting powerful magic, can also summon a Skeleton to defend him. He wields a Silver Viperskewer and guards an Ebony Closed Helm, a Glass Tower Shield, and the Illusion skill book, Mystery of Talara, Part 4. The key to his tomb is on a plateau with a mummy, in the southwestern cave.

Urshilaku, Kefka Burial is entered through the second door upwards on the paths. A skeleton will ambush you as soon as you enter. Past him is a room of two skeletons, followed by another room of 3 skeletons up the ramp. Be careful that you don't bite off more than you chew. A short distance in front of the entrance is a pool of water on the right, at the bottom of which lies a Dreugh Cuirass. Further ahead, in the room with the three skeletons, are two Daedric darts lying around the left set of totems.

Urshilaku, Kakuna Burial is reached from the third door up. You will need levitation or a good Acrobatics skill to reach a pile of large urns and mummies on pillars, where most of the loot is (including a locked chest). One leveled Skeleton is found on the ground level, while two are above the main path on a plateau. They can jump down from above, so be careful if you aren't prepared to fight two skeletons simultaneously. A Devil Cephalopod helm--among other alchemy ingredients--can be found behind the waterfall on a ledge in the back of this burial area. Levitation will be needed to reach the ledge.

Urshilaku, Juno Burial is the topmost chamber accessible from Laterus. In it are several skeletons to fight, a couple of potions, weapons and other mundane items lying around, including a journeyman's hammer. At the end of the cavern, you meet Wraith of Sul-Senipul, the ghost of the father of Clan leader Sul-Matuul, who has the Bonebiter Bow of Sul-Senipul which you need for the Main Quest. Don't leave without it.


Urshilaku Burial Caverns

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit

  • Meet Sul-Matuul: Travel to the northern coast to find out more about the Nerevarine Prophecies and how it relates to you.


A mummy
  • Astral Burial: If you look carefully, you'll notice a crosswise corridor at a higher level that can only be reached by levitation or extreme acrobatics, leading to two chambers each containing a dead adventurer - wearing normal equipment of various qualities, nothing particularly special. A couple of mummified corpses are carrying Chitin Spears.
  • Karma Burial: Another dead adventurer is laid out on a stepping stone, again wearing mundane gear, and a couple of urns hold some scrolls and alchemy ingredients. In one chamber off to the right as you enter, three mummies are each holding a silver weapon. If you use the Construction Set, it reveals that there are three skooma bottles dotted around the central chamber - but don't bother trying to find them as they're all unreachable in-game, having been placed buried in the center of large rocks...
  • Laterus Burial: Treasure includes a Demon Helm, a Wizard's Staff, an Amulet of Frost, two skill books, various gems and scrolls, Glass Greaves, and the enchanted glass claymore Magebane.
  • Fragile Burial: Just beyond the entrance door to the Worm Lord's tomb, underwater, lies a Nordic Ringmail Cuirass.
  • Kefka Burial: A couple of Daedric Darts lie by one of the skull totems. A dead adventurer might be carrying something interesting. A Dreugh Cuirass can be found at the bottom of a pool.
  • Kakuna Burial: Hidden behind the waterfall (accessible only by walking through the waterfall, through an entrance a short way above ground level) is a small chamber containing a ledge with another pair of mummies, with a Devil Cephalopod Helm.
  • Juno Burial: Toward the far back, near the wraith to the right, one mummy up on a rock has a Common Soul Gem with a Scamp soul worth 4,000 gold. You'll need to levitate to get there or you can climb by simultaneously running and jumping.