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# of Zones 1
Console Location Code(s)
Molag Amur, [12,2]

Ahinipalit is a bandit cave, located along the coast of the mainland and on the peninsula northwest of Tel Fyr.

There are six hostile opponents guarding this cave including one spellcaster. There is a decent amount of random loot here including a glass dagger to be found. The glass dagger and the last two foes in this cave are found in the south end; to reach the passage that leads there requires levitation or a pretty good jump (there are some rocks that can be used to help you as well). As soon as you enter the room that leads to this passage you may be attacked by Golmerea, the archer. The glass dagger sits on top of a chest next to where Breynis, the assassin, is found and should be in perfect condition.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Breynis Faryon   Dark Elf Assassin 14 109 136 0 90
Drorayni Tharam   Dark Elf Rogue 12 106 98 0 90
Felara Thimalvel   Dark Elf Thief 10 81 108 0 90
Fentula Pevengius   Imperial Warrior 12 145 98 0 90
Golmerea Othravel   Dark Elf Archer 11 105 96 0 90
Lanald   Redguard Healer 11 89 82 0 90


  • One of the barrels at the treasure location a on the map is a floating barrel, with the typical "floating" movement, even if it's not in the water.


Interior Map of Ahinipalit

Treasure Location a

  • 9 Barrels with various minor loot.
  • 14 Crates with various minor loot.
  • 3 Cloth Bolts.

Treasure Location b