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Console Location Code(s)
West Gash, [-5,7]
The entrance to Milk

Milk is a cave west of the northernmost point of Ald'ruhn and south of Bal Isra.

The interior of the cave

The cave is home to Arethan Mandas, a former Redoran noble who has gone mad in sorrow after his daughter Delyna disappeared. Together with his loyal retainers he is now nothing more than a rogue agent, demanding tribute from passing travelers. See the quest for several solutions to this sorry situation. Either way, you'll have to fight with the other bandits in Milk, unless you get to Arethan by sneaking or invisibility.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Arethan Mandas   Dark Elf Knight 19 175 120 0 40 Ebony Cuirass, Boots & Greaves, Ebony Broadsword
Danaronea Daryon   Dark Elf Bard 13 104 152 0 90 Leveled Long Blade, Chitin armor, Lute
Dramis Maryon   Dark Elf Crusader 17 161 116 0 90 Full Steel Armor
Faver Seran   Dark Elf Witchhunter 15 95 190 0 90 Summons Greater Bonewalkers
Gandela Indoran   Dark Elf Healer 15 90 110 0 90
Ilmyna Romoren   Dark Elf Barbarian 18 162 108 0 90 Dreugh Cuirass, Orcish Greaves
Ivela Uvenim   Dark Elf Warrior 13 148 100 0 90
Llarel Llenim   Dark Elf Knight 19 175 120 0 90 Full Bonemold Armor

Related QuestsEdit

House RedoranEdit


  • There is very little loot around, besides what is on the bandits: a few ingredients, repair tools at a smithy, a Greater Soul Gem hidden behind a post under the tallest flight of stairs, an underwater chest with one or two iron items and a locked (35) and trapped chest next to Arethan Mandas with one to two pieces of random Orcish armor.
  • Once the quest is done, the bandits are not aggressive towards you. Stealth is a good way to avoid combat here.


Interior map of Milk