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Cavern of the Incarnate
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# of Zones 1
Ghosts of Incarnates
Console Location Code(s)
Cavern of the Incarnate
Ashlands, [6,13]
Entrance to Cavern of the Incarnate

Cavern of the Incarnate is a holy place dedicated to Azura in the northern Ashlands.

Statue of Azura inside the Cavern

The cavern is the resting place of previous failed Incarnates (Nerevarines), and the location of a statue of Azura and the Moon-and-Star, an artifact necessary to the Main Quest line. It is located in the Valley of the Wind, a J-shaped foyada in the northeast section of the Ashlands.

As a holy place dedicated to the Princess of Dawn and Dusk, the cavern can only be entered when Azura's Star is visible (dawn and dusk).


All of the following NPCs are ghosts with 65535 health, making it nearly impossible to kill any of them.

Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Ane Teria   Dark Elf Mage 10 65535 200 0 0
Conoon Chodala   Dark Elf Mage 10 65535 200 0 0
Erur-Dan   Dark Elf Mage 10 65535 200 0 0
Hort Ledd   Dark Elf Mage 10 65535 200 0 0
Idrenie Nerothan   Dark Elf Mage 10 65535 200 0 0
Peakstar   Dark Elf Mage 10 65535 200 0 0

Related QuestsEdit

Main QuestEdit


  • In the unpatched version of the game, it is possible to enter the cavern from the start, effectively allowing a newly-made character to acquire the Moon-and-Star, and continue with the main questline as if you had completed the Path of the Incarnate quest. If Bloodmoon is installed, this will not work; instead, the door will simply behave as if it is the wrong time of day, even if it is dawn or dusk.
  • If you attempt to gain entry to the cavern at any time other than dawn and dusk, Azura's disembodied voice will say to you, "The door is locked, and will not open. The star is the key."
  • A pair of unused GMSTs refer to the Cavern of the Incarnate as the starting cell. If this was for testing or part of an earlier version of the story is unknown.


Location of the Cavern of the Incarnate
Map of the Cavern of the Incarnate