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Morrowind: Places: Caves
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Ascadian Isles, [6,-10]

Beshara is a cave east of Vivec's Telvanni canton.

The interior of the cave

This cave contains ten hostile bandits, as well as many containers with leveled bandit loot. The raw glass needed for the quest The Angry Trader is in a chest in the last room of the cave, and Alvur Hleran carries the key to it. Also in this room is a copy of Realizations of Acrobacy, an Acrobatics skill book.

There is an underwater passage that tunnels beneath the main hallways of this cave. However, there's not much benefit to taking this route, as there's no loot of any kind to be found underwater (either in this tunnel or in the deep pool in the western chamber), and going this way will likely cause you to miss Dondir, who is one of the bandits you must kill for the quest. Likewise, the trapped door near the center of the cave also skips a portion of the cave, including Dondir's area, so you're better off just following the main tunnel and avoiding these shortcuts.

Two of the bandits, Nirtunus Crunus and Urnel Relas offer training services if they are calmed or snuck up on. Crunus provides medium training in Speechcraft, Light Armor, and Sneak. Relas trains Short Blade as well as Light Armor and Sneak.

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Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Alvur Hleran Male Dark Elf Thief 7 71 100 0 30
Dondir Male Wood Elf Thief 10 76 108 0 30
Fanasa Ienith Female Dark Elf Thief 13 97 118 90 90
Galam Llendu Male Dark Elf Battlemage 10 88 140 0 90
Glannison Male Redguard Healer 10 85 80 0 90
Laire Female Redguard Warrior 13 158 80 0 90
Nirtunus Crunus Male Imperial Agent 11 92 102 0 90 Trainer
Rerilie Llandu Female Dark Elf Archer 11 105 96 0 90
Urnel Relas Male Dark Elf Agent 9 81 98 0 90 Trainer
Varasa Dreloth Female Dark Elf Rogue 11 100 96 0 90


Map of Beshara