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This article is about Ab-a-nabi. For Ab-i-nabi, see Abinabi.

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# of Zones 1
Sorcerers, Daedra
Console Location Code(s)
Azura's Coast, [16,2]

Abanabi is a cave located on an island southwest of Sadrith Mora and northeast of Tel Fyr.

It is almost directly east of Tel Fyr. The island that Abanabi is on has three large Emperor Parasols that form a triangle on the map. Abanabi is the current home of two sorcerers, one of which possesses the legendary sword Chrysamere - the subject of a quest from the Imperial Legion. The cave also houses some leveled creatures.

Abanabi is a rather large cave, with three significant chambers. The loot in the cave consists:

  • Jewels (diamonds and emeralds)
  • Mineral and jewel deposits, including some underwater
  • Various articles of clothing
  • Some sundries
  • A few alchemical ingredients
  • Two skill books
  • A fair number of gold septims
  • Some chests and urns with random scrolls and potions
  • Chrysamere


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Notes
Draramu Hloran Female Dunmer Sorcerer 20 180 192 0 90 Has Chrysamere
Maranique Jolvanne Female Breton Sorcerer 12 91 172 0 90

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Abanabi interior map