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This article is about the cave in the Sheogorad region. For the Sixth House base along the Bitter Coast, see Assemanu.

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# of Zones 1
Daedra, Sorcerers
Console Location Code(s)
Sheogorad, [-3,20]
The entrance to Assumanu

Assumanu is a cave southeast of Ald Redaynia and northeast of the Urshilaku Camp.

The interior of the cave

Assumanu is home to four NPCs, two of whom are hostile. The non-hostile mage is the rogue Telvanni Sorcerer Varona Nelas, who interferes with the love life of Ilmeni Dren, daughter of Duke Vedam Dren of Ebonheart. She possesses a token of Ilmeni's affections (an Expensive Glove, originally given to a Buoyant Armiger), which Ilmeni fears being blackmailed with, enough to hire the Imperial Legion to recover it. Nelas may realize that she is out of her depth here, and can sometimes be persuaded to hand over the glove. The alternative is, of course, her death.

To the left from the entrance, you will encounter two Daedra. In a room further in the back, you will find Vienne and Calmaninde behind a rock pillar. In the room with Calmaninde there is an urn containing scrolls right at the top of the staircase. Next to the bed is a locked (45) and trapped chest, which contains random loot.

To the right from the entrance is a bridge, at the end of which you will encounter Allimir, who will inform you that you don't have an appointment to meet Varona. Further ahead is Varona herself. Next to her is a full set of master alchemy apparatus, and a small chest containing ingredients. There are also chests containing random loot, one of which is locked (35) and trapped.


Name   Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight
Allimir   Wood Elf Barbarian 10 101 94 0 30
Calmaninde   High Elf Sorcerer 11 86 168 0 90
Varona Nelas   Dark Elf Sorcerer 15 111 168 0 30
Vienne Gilelle   Breton Sorcerer 9 76 158 0 90

Related QuestsEdit

Imperial LegionEdit


  • Most of the treasure is random, but there is a complete Master's Alchemical set present, unowned and there for the taking, if so desired. Various containers contain such things as gold, alchemical ingredients, scrolls, mundane books and potions and are also all unowned, and thereby, free for the player to take. In fact, if required, the hammock is unowned as well and so the player may use it to rest.
  • Calmaninde carries a Silver Flameblade sword.
  • In the chamber with a rope bridge where you meet Allimir, there is a skeletal corpse in a hidden alcove near the ceiling. You'll need levitation to reach it. You won't find anything other than some gold, bonemeal, and a cheap weapon, though.


Map of Assumanu